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i have desided to go ahead and get my pesticide lisence for turf catagory. ive heard its pretty difficult. i took a look at pennstates web site wich is who id get my lisence through and they had some sample questions....were like a diffrent language! i am applying herbicides now but would like to do it leagally. about how much study time does it take? are they questions really that hard? if its really alot to study ill study all summer and fall and take it in the winter. please help me out here.


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Here in Ohio were I live, there are 3 different parts to the certification tests. For the most part...the CORE examination was fairly straight forward. If you've had any previous exposure to pestcide use than you should do fine on that section of the test. The two other parts of the test consisted of a Turf Grass examination and Ornamental examination. The turf grass test was somewhat difficult and the Ornamental examination was even harder. I didn't pass all 3 exams the first time. Be sure to study the turfgrass and ornamental section on diesces and insects.<p>I walked into the exams thinking that they were going to be a walk in the park and only spent about 15 hours reading and studying the material. Don't blow the test off and think that they'll give you the answers like I did.


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In North Carolina there are three parts as well. <br>1. Core material covering basic information, safety, handling, labeling, formulations, etc.<br>2. North Carolina Pesticide Laws.<br>3. Ornamental and Turfgrass Pest Control. This more specific to what we do. <p>I spent the money for a day and a half class covering all of the information. I took the test the second afternoon of the classes. Just had one night to study. The classes were worth it. <p>I do believe that if I had only used the books to take the test I could have passed it but I would have had to study more time. I also agree with Chris do not take the test lightly. If you study the material you should do just fine. And keep in mind your state may be quite different from mine.<p>Good luck on the test.<p><p><p>----------<br>Jeff<br>

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