Pesticide Oral Test in CT

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rambo10, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. rambo10

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    Can anyone in CT give me a good idea what to expect on the oral part of the Pesticide Exam!! :confused:
  2. korelandscaping

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    I went to the course in West Haven but still have not taken the exam. From what I've heard, the first section of the oral is the laws of pesticides. If you don't know that part, chances are they fail you automatically. At least that is what one of the instructors told us! Good luck, I hope you do well. By the hard was the written?
  3. rob1325

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    Three people will test you. Chris Mullen and some other lady (forget name) and someone from either Uconn or experimental station. It will last 20 to 30 min and they ask many questions and try to trick you. Very hard but if you study it will be a snap.
    If you have any other questions please ask.

    Good Luck
  4. sweetjetskier

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    The one main thing to remember is do not make up information, if you do not know the answer tell them you will need to look it up and get back to them. When I had my test there were two DEP personal who asked many questions, but to be fair if you know your stuff not that difficult. I passed both sections the first time
  5. KenH

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    Anything is fair game. They know immediately if you know your stuff.
  6. rambo10

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    from CT
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    The written is fairly difficult. The reason being there are 145 multiple choice questions, of which there are 4 answer possibilities and there could be more than 1 correct answer for each. There is also math calculations for formulations and 10 pictures for identification, usually weeds,insects and grass.

    It is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 is the first 50 questions for the Core and Part 2 is the rest. You need a 75 or better on each part to pass. I got an 86 on the first part and a 72 on the second part. I was very annoyed!!! I took it again the other day and I am waiting for the results.

    To the other responders:

    Can you give me a little more detail as to the questions you were asked (what categories?).

    Thanks to All :D
  7. envi lawn

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    I passed the written and oral back in 1987. The oral included safety issues as well as pesticide questions. Know your turf and ornamental insect pests, and their control. Don't B.S. the testers. I believe they really want you to pass. Nothing tricky if you know your stuff.

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