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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Blackburn, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. Does anyone know for sure what the pesticide posting regulations are for New York and/or New Jersey. We have been trying to find our for some of our customers, but to no avail. Any info would be appreciated. THANKS!
  2. BRL

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    I will E-mail you directly with NJ info, as it is too much to type here.
  3. iowastorm

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    BRL: Oh there you go again being the big know-it-all that you are! Don't forget the part about how the 3 mile island pesticides.
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    In NY if applying granular products you need to have a contract with the customer, must supply customer with a label of the product and any warnings, and also must mark the property with pesticide application warning flags before you start. You must also keep a current record of all applications as you go. You have to file a report every year of all pest. use and get recertified every 6 years.
    If you are spraying pesticides(some exceptions like soaps and oils) you must notify all neighboring abutting property owners within 150' 48 hours in advance in writing in a prescribed format with your name/ID#, etc, product, date of application and two alternate dates. It's getting ABSURD since a homeowner can do whatever he wants. And how much training do they have?
    Big pain in the.................
  5. iowastorm

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    lawnboy: I'm not from out your way, but am in 100% agreement with your feelings towards homeowners.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    Right on Lawnboy- why is it homeowners can do anything with anything they can get their hands on? I saw one the other day spraying a tree with diquat. DIQUAT! For us luckily, in Arkansas, there is little in the way of compliance issues, but I still mark and call the homeowner ahead of time. Spray on! Dave g
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    Thank god we got the "New York " style posting regulation killed in committee here in Nebraska this year. I can almost guarantee they will be back in a different form next year. I think that each proerty should be posted during an application, but the rules requiring 48 hr advance of all neighbors is ridiculous. This will drive the cost up so high the many homeowners will start treating on their own without much knowledge of the products, their uses and directions. It is against the law to misapply a pesticide, go after the unlicensed "professionals" and the ones who misapply. Dont make us all suffer because of the fly by nighters.

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