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    I live in missouri, and right now i am studying for my pesticide applicator test. While reading my manuals a few questions came to my head when i came across "restricted pesticides" I want to add fertilizer programs to my lawn care business that include weed and feed applications that will rid my yards of annoying dandelions and other common weeds. I read many times here on lawnsite that i would have to get certified to apply any type of pesticide including minor items such as round-up. According to my reading only items that have "restricted use" on the label require a license. So do i really have to get a license to apply weed and feed to my lawns. Or do different rules apply to commercial applicators?
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    Bob. You must be certified to buy Restricted Use Pesticides. Any homeowner can go to lesco and buy regular fertilizer and any non RUP for their own turf. If you are going to be applying any pesticide to anyones turf but your own, you must be certified. To control dandelions, you should not need a RUP. There are numerous ones out that will control a wide variety of the common weeds when applied properly (Momentum, strike 3 ultra if it is still available). Your best bet is to sit down and talk to your supplier to see what he recommends. Most Lesco stores are good for this. Also try Pro Source One.
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    (1)- You need a license to apply pesticides for hire.

    and a separate condition (2) - you need a license to buy a restricted use pesticide.

    Many licensed applicators never find a need for a restricted use pesticide. But they have the license to be legitimate.
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    thanks guys for the help!

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