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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by trophytkr, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. trophytkr

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    :blob4: Is the pesticide school in all states this tough? Went to an all day school this last tuesday for my states pesticide commercial applicators permit. First thing that the university of wisconsin professor said was if you are here for the first time and only studied marginally you will not pass this course, you will be retesting. I'm 45 now and don't ever remember a harder test. I studied for 2 months and still only got an 83% yea I passed but wow. Test time limit was 1 1/2 hours I got done in 1 hour 15 minutes out of 100 people taking the test only 8 or 10 got done before me that means that 90 people were still struggleing thru the test with only 15 minutes left! So the question for you guys is the test equally hard in your state? Or is it just Wisconsin making sure that all the applicators know their stuff. Also does your state really watch to make sure that the people doing it are trained. I know they don't here for every one that is certified probable 6 or 8 aren't and no one checks them or fines them for not being certified. This thread is just to satisfy my curiousity thanks again guys!:)
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    Missouri did not seem too difficult to me.

    I passed the test, but there is a ton of information that I still need to learn.

    I realize that this is a constant learning process and even experienced people on here probably learn something new every year, but I am going to go real slow in getting in to the application side of the business.

    If I have any doubts, I will probably be subbing the work out.
  3. gunputt

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    3 options in Nebraska.
    Study books and just test.
    Take an all day class, then test.
    Study books, take the class, then test.
    I read thru the books and took the class, and the test was still a bit challenging. I think it should be a hard test that requires studing.
    There were a group of guys behind me that were applicators for a, lets say a major lawn care company who were there hoping to pass the test after sitting thru the class. I would bet my new Scag that all six of them were back for more.

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    Thats a short test 1 and a half hours ??? In NJ The test totals 6 hours by the time you are done with the 3 sections.. It's an all day event.... But If you studied the two 300 page books they give you ( well actually you have to buy them ) Then you will do alright... There is so much information , that you cant possibly know it all off the bat... It is definatly a learning process that takes alot of time.. ... I have found that LESCO is an invalualble resource.. I buy all my materials from them and do what they tell me and it has worked very well...
  5. bubble boy

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    class here 5 days 8 hrs per day

    a recent section got an average of 72%, with 75% req. to pass.
  6. 1grnlwn

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    I guess our test must be pretty easy (Illinois). They only make some questions impossible so they can show that they are smarter than you. They hate too see 100's. 97 is my best. Takes about 2 hours for general standards. 1 hour for the turf, ornamentals, right of way etc. Do any states tell what questions you missed. IL does not. I think this is so stupid. A passing grade is 70 so there is some guy out there that doesn't have a clue 30% of the time? And like I said our test is not that hard.

  7. Commander

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    Over here you take a 30 hour class. You are not allowed to miss any class time. You have to study about 3 - 4 books. You take 2 tests which take 3 hrs put together (core / category) each category test is 1 1/2 hrs. By doing that you are certified as a technician. If you have a note saying that you sprayed for somebody else for a year then you can become an applicator. A technician can open their own pesticide business but will not become an applicator for another 2 years. You also have to take SEVERAL recert credits every year. I believe they are called CEU's?.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    We have to take recert credits too... or every 5 years retake the tests.. Ughh...
  9. cantoo

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    I took a 2 day course taught by a retired ag guy who helped write the exams when he worked for the government.
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    I believe that the reasons all the testing and regulations are getting tougher is that pressure from environmental wackos is increasing every year. In Tn., the current pass rate for licensing is only 20%. I've held a Cat. 3 license for over 15 years in this state and have no desire to retake the test but new regulations have required me to get a total of 28 points by October of 2002. I have gone to the classes (where I learned almost nothing new) and have accrued 15 points so maybe I can get the remainder of the points in that time. I have info. from reliable sources that have told me that the our business is being "phased out" and we should possibly look for a new line of work. I was outraged! While I don't look at this as a political forum. I just think this is another example of intrusion in our lives from the left-leaning-tree-hugging socialists. After they have destroyed our industry, it is just a matter of time before they get to the over the counter pesticides and the consumer will be left with no options. We'll all have to live with weeds, pests and diseases in a "natural" environment. Then, the liberals can all feel smug about saving the planet and sit around the camp fire eating granola and singing Kumbaya. Vote Republican and vote often!

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