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    ohio's test is probably in the middle I would not consider it exceptionally hard but you definately need to know a fair amount of info.......I dont think most people would pass with only the class time, although it is very informative.

    If you honestly spent a few hours reading the study materials and go and listen at class you will most likely pass.

    I feel that any on the job knowledge that one may have would help you greatly.
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    My WSDA license is good in this state, Oregon, Idaho....with just a form.:)
    They offer 3 day courses with testing on 2nd half of the 3rd day. We buy all our own study materials, also. The AQUATICS PCO is SUPER hard. They're not gonna let ANYONE spray near SALMON RUNS.
    Each test has around 65 - 100 being of above average intelligence finishes early. The city types and the like race the deadline....:rolleyes:
    It's Easy!!!
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    Wow! and I though I was a doof! I basicaly breezed thru the Texas Irrigation Exam with a 82 80 80 and 89 but, this T D A stuff if kicking my tail. Scale, aphids, brod leaf weeds I guess I could just study over the pre-test but, would I absorb any material? I don't want to study just to pass a test I want and neeed to know the material. Not to be the biggest.......Persueing to be the best!
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    MA was a joke. We had over 2 hours to complete the exam, I finished in 45 minutes....its really just common sense. Study the booklet and you should succeed.
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    I like the idea of subing out!

    That's all we do for mid Maryland and south Pa. Turf, Tree/shrub and Industrial weed.

    Maryland, like most states is getting tougher each year to pass.
    I took the test back in early 70's when it was just getting started.( Lic.# 699 ) current # is around 29000.

    MD. has you work under licensed appl. for one year before you can take test. but, only need one refresher class annually to renew.

    Pa. uses a three year point system for renewal. Its a bit of a pain.

    I try like hell to not let either expire because retesting would be tough.

    I don't like the True Wacko's either,but this stuff is important!!!
    Have a great day.

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