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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by esurient_one, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Im looking to start up my own buisness and was just wondering if anyone out there knew a good resource for the pesticide storage laws in Michigan. Ive already researched the majority of the rules stated by the dept of ag here in Michigan, but am a little stumped when it comes down to the nitty gritty of storage/operations.

    I wont be storing more than 55 Gallons of weed control, and am assuming that I wont have more than 2000 pounds of dry fert on hand at any given time. With that being said, I shouldnt classify myself as having to operate under "Bulk Storage" requirements.

    While I do plan on operating responsibly and legally, I guess I really just need to know if I will require a loading pad, and/or how I would go about washing my equipment if I dont. Really the only thing I should have to wash that would contain pesticides would be my PermaGreen ride on spreader/sprayer. With that being said, mixing/washing would be minimal and would pose no more of a threat than anything that I could encounter on the field...but I know how strict these things can be and want to make absolutley sure that all of my bases are covered.

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    Is that all you are using is a Permagreen to spray? (I ean no skid). If this is the case, you are in good shape. Good pad required. If you're filling a skid and mixing, then do. call the dept. of ag, and they may be able to send you some info directly pertaining to your storage questions. We are blessed here, becas we really don't store much, here. We have a supplier righthere in town, so most everything stays right on the truck. You WILL want a dry cabinet if you're going to store any chem.s, though. Also, keep your ferts. off the floor on a pallet. they should all be kept together and away from the general use areas of your shop. There ARE some other things. Where abouts are you at?
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    Oakland County. Im familiar with MOST of the rules pertaining to the majority of the stuff that Ill need to deal with, but this question and my licensing status are the two things that are just kind of stumping me right now, I guess.

    Mainly I guess its the washing of my equipment. As far as storing goes, it looks like I can squeak by...Im not going to be spraying off a skid, and once I find a dependable local distributor(next hurdle), I shouldnt need to nor would I want to store in bulk anyhow....ESPECIALLY if that means I can avoid constructing a loading pad.
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    Go over to Wally world and Buy a few of the big plastic totes to keep your liquids in, I have 6 of them, each holds 6- 2.5 gal. jugs of chem. I have one other large tote I carry my stuff in the truck in, I keep my small tank sprayer, my BP, measuring cups/Pitchers, and chems. that I may need for the day in it. Be sure you have a fully equipped spill kit in both the truck and in the storage area, a lockable storage area, and signs on the door. the regional manager here had a training seminar last spring and she said even when filling a BP they want a containment area. she said a childrens pool is acceptible. so do your loading in a small pastic pool. ( be sure to put some poision/ pesticide stickers on it.) don't leave it laying around for the kids to decide it would be fun to play in.

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