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Pesticide yard stakes (markers)

grassroots lawn

LawnSite Member
Does anyone know where I can order the plastic pesticide stakes that hold the warnings/business name after you treat? I am located in southeastern PA and need a vendor/source to rely on.



LawnSite Bronze Member
check out blackburn.com we have ordered flags from them for years. they can custom make them for you with your co. name, phone # and logo. at a resonable cost and it will look much more professional than making your own. there is a guy in my town that makes his own with a marker flag and a sharpie! I personally think it looks tacky! and he's only saving a couple cents per flag. I look at my posting flags as part of my advertising! image is everthing....


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Flint, Michigan
There is another co. called RND signs, too. They have a decent site. I've dealt with them before, but I have to tell you,...I've heard nothing but good about Blackburn. Several people on here have used them. If you did a search, you would see the praise.