Pesticides for ticks and chiggers

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Sargosailor, May 21, 2006.

  1. Sargosailor

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    I may be relocating to central Arkansas. Do folks there apply anything to keep these critters off their property? If so, what do they use and how effective is it? I have applied various skin/clothing repellant products with unsatisfactory results. This is a 10 acre rural area with lawn, pasture and woods.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. nmurph

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    those are considered pets, and or family, in arkansas, and the only reason you would want to hurt them would be if the stole your a)double wide b)beer c) false teeth that you inherited from your brother's uncle, who also happens to be you father........get use to them...orthene will kill them, but 10acres is too large an area to spray on a regular will learn to check yourself after you have been in the woods. ticks and chiggers will only be a problem when you walk in the woods and brush against where they are hanging out, and then usually in the warmer months.
  3. Sargosailor

    Sargosailor LawnSite Member
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    "those are considered pets, and or family, in arkansas"

    BITE ME:laugh: :laugh:
  4. wushaw

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    For the ticks just keep the grass mowed and they will have a harder time getting on you and your pets.
    As far as chiggers spray the immiediate yard and use repellent on your shoes when venturing outside the sprayed area.

    I am in Texas and I have a very large supply of these buggers and this is the method I use and it does work. I wish I could use chickens but my bird dog would have a field day.
  5. Sargosailor

    Sargosailor LawnSite Member
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    Hi wushaw, thanks for the reply. What kind of chemical/repellants are you using? What brands? Are you applying them to the grass/bushes or just on your person? The ticks are less of a problem to me because I can see them. Those chiggers are the biggest problem because you can't see them and once they bite the damage is done. I'm thinking of getting a boom sprayer to pull with the riding mower to cover a large area but don't know what to apply, or if the cost would be too high.
  6. The Slop Nazi

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    Make sure to bring your trout fishing gear, as we have some of the best Rainbow & Brown fishing in the Country (Little Red River, The White River, and The Spring River). The Little Red still has the World Record Brown (by far), which was caught a few years ago. Which part of Central Arkansas are you looking to move to? My residence is a little north of the Little Rock area, and we also have a 4000 acre farm in the West/Northwest part of the state.

    As far as ticks & chiggers, they are in fact abundant here. Visit the Cooperative Extension Services' website for the best methods of "trying" to control them.... A simple search for "Ticks and Chiggers" will display some answers:
  7. Sargosailor

    Sargosailor LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Nazi for the link. I have 10ac near Camp Robinson wildlife area up in the hills. It's nice and quiet with a creek on part of it. I want to make a foot path through the wooded area but those damn bugs drive me nuts. I am an outside person, hate to be cooped up inside.
    Bet those 4000ac keep you busy.
  8. The Slop Nazi

    The Slop Nazi LawnSite Member
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    So your land is located between N. Little Rock and Conway (probably closer to Conway). Lots of deer run around on your property.

    The only times I stay busy at the farm are during duck season, tax season, and an occasional trip to take my wife and two nieces horseback riding. :)
  9. Nosmo

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    We've got plenty of ticks and chiggers over here in Eastern Oklahoma too. Both were really back last year but for myself there seems to be less this year.

    Just wanted to let folks know another method ticks use to hop aboard is dropping off trees onto people.

  10. wushaw

    wushaw LawnSite Member
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    I use OFF on my shoes/socks and Diaznon or whichever flea/tick killer Wally World has on the shelf that you attach to a water hose for the yard when needed.
    I use isopropyl alcohol to kill chiggers, it takes 2-3 applications but after scratching them the alcohol feel good also.

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