Pesticides or Organic ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CNYScapes, Jan 28, 2006.

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    What do you guys think is the future of this business. Will pesticides be banned alltogether in the future and force us to go organic ? Wheres the crystal ball? Which direction are your business heading? Chemical Pesticides or Organic?
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    Hi, after applyin pesticide for a lot of notable national companies when I was 18-30, it was an easy desicion to "GO ORGANIC" on my own. I 1st went organic up in Rochester, than in Syracuse, than brought in down to Long Island. Now I'm 1 of several 100 providers in the state as compared to just a handful........thats gotta tell you something?..........if you have a Sincere intrest, PM me..........I mentor a few, mostly younger guys and a few old crows like myself.............Like they say "The future is in the hands of Our Children":waving:
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    I've just completed a customer survey to my customers from last year...

    One of the questions was:

    "do environmental concerns effect your lawn care decisions?"

    LESS than 5% answered 'yes'

    I did a little research, and as it turns out, SOME of the organic treatments do more damage to the environment than the chemical counterparts.

    My advice is to use organic treatments ONLY when testing has proven that they are superior to the chemical versions. in other words, use a mixed plan, and sell yourself as environmentally responsible. Organic services are a niche audience... in my area in Missouri about 5% I'd say.

    To answer your question directly, I am keeping an eye on the environmental concerns, and organic 'technology' but right now, I actually feel that the chemical pesticides are more thoroughly tested, and I'm going to stick with them. I have switched to more environmentally friendly application methods, such as shielded sprayers, and tree injections.

    As for pesticides becoming banned, we had better hope not.. There have been bills in NY if I'm not mistaken, and Hillary is working to make NY the 1st pesticide free state. It is up to us to keep that from happening..

    We don't need to make pesticides look any MORE dangerous by caving to these organic plans.. we need to show the public that pesticides, and fertilizers are SAFE and EFFECTIVE if applied properly by professionals like ourselves.

  4. green_mark

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    I have seen major changes in the last 20 years. When I started farming pesticides were all the rage. Now, same farmers, different opinion. We lost pheasant's, our lakes (we are a big lake area, Alexandria MN) had residues of Atrozine and others.

    While no study the provides a clear cut connection to these types of products as directly causing cancer it just doesn't feel right to have them in our lakes and soil.

    In Quebec many changes have taken place because of public demand that things change. A good web site to look at is

    A study was completed that showed 98.7% of all the children tested had pesticides in their urine. other information is located at

    While none of this information proves that pesticides has caused the recent and rapid rise in childhood cancers in Quebec it certainly is not a ringing endorsement for pesticide usage.

    The fact is that pesticides are a recent invention of man. It has saved countless lives from famine and disease. Like Nuclear power it is a step in mans evolution and not the last step or the end-all cure-all some would like you to think.

    Pesticides as we know them will no longer exist in 10 or 20 years. They will be replaced by other products, some good, some bad.

    Will pesticides as we know them be ban in the US. Absolutely! Many already are. My suggestion, deal with it. Everything in life is in a constant state of change.

    Study, learn, adapt. It's what you have done for your entire life and it what you will do until you die.
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    pesticides banned????come on................
    do you guys understand the word or what it represents? herbicides,insecticides,rodenticides,fungicides,nematicides....
    How are you preventing crabgrass? Or keeping chewing or sucking insects from
    bringingthe Florida citrus industry to a grinding halt. What are you going to do dust with diatamacious earth or spray hundreds of acres with soap and oil every week?
    I mean if your into organic more power to you I hope you corner the market and retire wealthy, Yes it will change in formulation and some will be restricted but this discussion about all pesticides being banned is nonsense.
    it is an age old discussion that has no merit(no pun intended)
  6. Lawnguy70

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    In my opinion, the problem is over application. To few applicators are aware of the size of area to be treated. You should know property size and be aware of your spreader "setting" or "calibration". You should know that the property is "X" amount of square feet. The bag can cover "X" amount of square feet. When you are done with a treatment does product and square feet match up? If not make adjustments to your spreader for the next job. Why keep working all day with out trying to finally get things right. The problem is that many people just do not care about the customer or the enviroment.
    Robert Payer
  7. cenlo

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    C'mon chemicals are about a "safe and effective" as are the political parties who get funded by the manufacturing companies.:confused: I agree with the idea of organic and chemical based programs. But don't back the pesticides based on goverment testing!
  8. Rayholio

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  9. Rayholio

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    cenlo: Dang near every company gives to political parties... and I don't know much about the application of chemicals to food-stuffs but I'm confident that If I apply chemicals as labeled, there will be little, or no negative effects.
  10. YardPro

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    if a product kills it is a pestacide...

    the word organic merely means that the chemical has a carbon backbone..(center molecule)

    i get a kick out of the word organic being used when people mean manmade, or natural.......

    arsenic is organic (natural).... lots of highly deadly neurotoxins are organic (natural).

    also tablesalt has a higher voc than roundup.....

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