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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doug406, Feb 14, 2000.

  1. Doug406

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    Who has a Pestiside license?? I have been looking into obtaining one to lawfully apply fertilizer and weed killer. Michigan law requires 2 years working under a Licensed contractor, or a batchlors degree and 1 year experience. How in the heck am I suppose to meet those requirments?? What are my choices?/ Are most of you guys providing fertilizing?? Are you all licensed. Mr. Nilsson, what advice can you give me.
  2. Lazer

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    I'm in Michigan<p>You can lawfully apply fertilizer. No herbicides, including Pre-crab control.<p>Are you certified? Have a green card.<p>I obtained a green card when I was 18. I then worked with another sprayer to obtain my 2 years experience. I did not work full time. (That may be the loophole) Anyway after 2 years I had the necessary documentation to apply for a license.<p>
  3. MOW ED

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    I know this doesn't help much because I am in Wisconsin but here we have to take a one day applicators class and pass a written test. You must be certified and licenced which just means that you pay $$ for both. <br>I have never heard of anyone being pulled over by the pesticide police.<br>You also can self-study and challenge the test without the class. Every 5 years you need to recert. This is the class for pesticide application (commercial) only. There are 20 total categories at $45.00 each if you want to be SUPERAPPLICATOR.
  4. Getmow

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    My guys were pulled by the pesticide police here in Va. The result was an order to stop work until licensed or recieve a hefty fine. Six weeks later we were legal. Til then I didn't know Roundup required a license.<br>David
  5. HOMER

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    In Al. you can't even apply fert. with weed killer. Friend of mine was spraying round-up at restaurant one mori=ning and Dept. of Agriculture guy just happened to drive by, asked to see his license, friend didn't have one, got warning if caught again $5000.00 fine!!! He told me and I spray no more! Don't even keep it on the truck. I called the Ag. guy last year to find out about the test, the next day he left a card on my front door. They do get out and look! I don't know what he was looking for, but I wasn't home when he got here.
  6. Evan528

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    i live in pensylvania, was wandering if anyone knew the requirments here to appy fertilizers and herbicides? i do 5-6 step programs for many of my costomers an am scared of getting cought with out a license. this is a great money maker because of the cheap prices of products and the fast labor to aplly it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. mountain man

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    In class the instructor told us the way most people get caught is because competitors call in and complain. <p>Today, I got a survey call and it seemed that every other question had to do with pesticides, spraying, pre-m, etc. Several questions asked about the training of employees and who else sprayed. It made me think the Dept. of Ag. might be conducting this &quot;survey&quot; for enforcement purposes. If a distributor was conducting this survey, why would they care who in the company was spraying if you were buying their product. Maybe I am reading to much into this call, but everthing just didn't add up.
  8. jeffclc

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    Evan- I just completed the process in PA. The first thing that you will need to do is to purchase study materials to pass two tests. You must pass a CORE test, and also a category test.<p>The CORE is a general knowledge of pesticides. It deals with safety, proper application methods, different types of pests/pesticides. <p>There are many (26?) different categories. For you, you would need to at least take 07 Lawn and Turf. You must have at least one category to be licensed.<p>The CORE test is closed book, and the category test is open book. Email me if you want more info on the actual tests.<p>After you pass both tests, you will be sent an applicators license. You still cannot legally apply pesticides. You must me employed or be a licensed business. To become a licensed business, you will have to submit an insurance certificate to the state that specifically states that pesticide applications are covered. <p>Once you have an applicators license, a business license, and the proper insurance, only then can you legaly appily pesticides. No license is necessary to put down straight fertilizer. ANY pesticide requires the license, even a bag of weed and feed from the hardware. <p>Contact your local Dept. of agriculture office to get info on the exams. It is probally too late for you to become licensed for the atart of the 00 season. You have to shcedule your test in advance, and it then takes 3 weeks to get your results. After that, it takes another 3 weeks to get the business license. So by the time you would order the materials, study, and get through the paperwork, you will be well past the forst application.<p><br><br> <p>You will also have to obtain credits on a 3 year intervals to maintain your license. BTW what part of the state are you in???<p>Mountain Man,<br>I got a call today about a pesticide survey. They were mostly asking about insecticides, and the name Dylox came up often. They are supposed to send me a second part of the survey, and when I complete it, they are supposed to send me $10 for my time. Is this the same call you got???
  9. mountain man

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    Jeffclc:<br>They offered me $10 if I completed the two part survey. One part on the phone and the other would be mailed to me once I completed the phone part. After answering pesticide and fertilizing questions, she said I was disqualified because I have a subcontractor treat for grubs. I think she said the survey was from an All Points Group. <p>What was strange is when I didn't answer the grub question correctly (at least for her survey). She and did not ask any more questions and ended the call . It is hard to get business owners to answer questions, if it was a supplier you would think they would not end the call so abruptly. I am sure they would want as much data as possible for their research.
  10. mountain man

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    Jeffclc:<br>One additional thought: <br>Since you are in PA and I'm in NC, I am less inclined to think the Dept of Ag was having the survey done since each state handles their own Dept of AG.

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