Pet Domestic: Pet Dog Waste Removal (Pooper Scooper)

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Pet Domestic, May 5, 2014.

  1. Pet Domestic

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    It's pretty straightforward work. Each tech's basic gear is:

    - Landscaping rake
    - Large Dust bin
    - lots of small white and large black trash bags.

    We grid the yard, making straight line passes up and down, kind of like mowing the lawn. We then do perpendicular passes up and down for a more complete clean.

    Then we disinfect with plenty of water and an application of bleach/water solution. Pet Domestic "We Cleaned Today!" door hanger on the front door, and off to the next house!

    Jason from PetCorps demonstrates:
  2. Exact Rototilling

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    When one factors in overhead...okay lack of overhead compared to expensive equipment for lawn care. Also no heavy lifting required.

    Wonder if it's possible to get $1 a minute...including drive time...?
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  3. Colonel Forbin

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    Very nice good luck, I too have been seeing this businesses pop up in my area, many well to do people with nice homes don't want to deal with it just as they don't want to deal with landscaping. The people with the most money have the biggest home and yards, no surprise those people typically aren't 'outdoor' people but business folks. IE your client.
  4. RSLM&LS

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    Water hose *****.
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  5. Pet Domestic

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    Love these lawns. Panorama of another pet waste free lawn in Potomac, MD, with Lola chilling on the patio. (Side note: National franchise pooper scooper company couldn't do the work because scared of their three Bernese mountain dogs. HA!)

    And another angle of a beautiful McLean, VA home with twice weekly pooper scooper service.


    McLean VA pet waste removal.JPG
  6. Townhouse Yards

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    Nice job man, those lawns look great! What vehicles do your techs use?
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  7. Bryan27

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    That doesn't seem out of line to me. Weekly service of $20/week x 52 week/year would be $1040/year. Not many people who can afford to pay someone to pick up after their pets are going to bat an eye at $20/week. I have a 100lb bulldog/great dane mix, if someone were to come along and offer to clean up after him for $20 a week while I'm in the backyard with my pooper scooper and a plastic bag, I wouldn't be able to get the money out of my wallet fast enough.
  8. Pet Domestic

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    Today's customer is more educated and cost is always a factor. $20/week would be on the higher end for my business. I charge $20+/visit only for a very large yards and/or several dogs. Typical homes are $15.95 for a small yard and two dogs.

    We've positioned our rates to be extremely competitive, and we also match any other company if a customers finds one lower.
  9. Captain Mike

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    I picked up an account and I swear...the dog doo hasn't been picked up in 2 years. 1/4 acre lot and its every 18" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do you charge for that??

    I raked the front yard and pulled out 20 bags of leaves!!!!

    UGH, the backyard is where all the poo bombs are:dizzy:
  10. gardengnome

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    How does that translate to an hourly rate? How much time do you spend on site? What do you consider to be a small yard? Or a large for that matter? you said you disinfect, I assume you are talking about your tools? Do you offer anything for those wonderful saucer sized dead spots you get from ***** urine?

    The included censorship relates to the term used for a female dog. Political correctness, hmmppff!

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