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Pet friendly ground cover

I have an account at a local pet grooming salon, and the owner wants to put some kind of ground cover / mulch in the back were they take the pets outside some that the grass and dirt does not get on them after they have groomed them. She does not want gravel. Does anybody know of anything that would work.

Dreams To Designs

LawnSite Bronze Member
Not a big fan for most situations, but I have to agree with Promo, rubber mulch may be your best alternative. Is turf grass out of the question? A good stand of turf would be clean and comfortable.



LawnSite Member
The area is a small fenced area that currently has turf grass now, and she does not want to do any over seeding and fertilizing to the area. So after about 100 animals a day the turf is getting a little thin. I have suggested pea gravel, rubber mulch (which is probably the best option) but she does not like either one, she wants something that is clean and easy to clean up. :confused: Just looking for any other ideas Thanks

Dreams To Designs

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How about one of the play surfaces used for kid's playgrounds. Maybe even synthetic turf. Most of the manufacturers are willing to help you with installs. The turf would be clean, looks good and is easy to clean up.

I can understand the concern with turf and chemicals. With all those animals any mulch product is going to get tracked around, even rubber.



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I like the astroturf idea but wouldn't you have to pour concrete to lay it on?


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something with drainage would seem to be in order. Sorry to say it but concrete slab may be the best (easy to clean). With many different dogs taking care of business, you would need to be cautious of diseases etc. with poop and pee sitting everywhere.