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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtdman, May 23, 2004.

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    I have a pet peeve with people who think that just because I have big lawn mowers I can cut ultra long grass. I won't take my mowers on to properties that haven't been mowed in forever, with long grass and who knows what hiding in there. First, it's not good for the mowers. Second, I have to use my mowers to cut my regular customers grass and make it look good. I'm not real big on tearing up my blades just to knock down someone's footlong field that they've been too lazy to cut.

    I'm sure there are some LCOs that do the footlong fields, who knock down the tall grass. If I had a brushhog, or sicle mower I might think of it. But I don't, and won't. Really, just because I have a big commercial mower doesn't mean I want to ruin it mowing those kinds of things. And it doesn't mean it's any better for mowing grass that length either. I bought my mowers to make regularly cut lawns look nice, not to slash through the lazy man's uncut fields. I always enjoy the looks I get when I turn those jobs down. Like they are doing me a favor by offering me the opportunity to knock down their mess.

    A close cousin to those kinds of lawns are the people with the new sod installation. They wait forever to mow the lawn, as they should, to get the roots to set. Then they call me expecting me to have some magical cure for their long mess. "Can you cut it, just once, to clean it up?" Nope. I hate cutting new sod lawns to begin with, and cutting foot long new sod lawns is a double pita in my book.

    Argh. :mad: Just venting.
  2. tiedeman

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    I know exactly what you mean
  3. barringtonbrothers

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    I would rather turn work down than tear my mowers up mowing that footlong crap. Often I have found things find there way into those foot long yards that only show up when you mow them over and they - chip your blades, give you a flat, about throw you from the mower, or wind them selves around your blade and spindle and are a pita to un wind. Plus no matter how much you go over it, crap is all its going to look like which makes you look bad.
  4. Rather Be Fishing

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    With the unkempt fields I usually quote a ridiculously high price and explain that I'll have to rent a brush mower or a tractor and brush hog. The gleeful look of anticipation fades quickly...:p (you know the look, eye contact 40%~checking out your "big equipment" 60%----all the while thinking a figure of $20 or so...)

    I've had two really good properties over the years where a large section of back property was only mowed every other cut. If they hadn't been really good clients I'd have never offered their mowing that way. The company I took over had made those arrangements and I didn't want to rock the boat. But I do know exactly what you're talking about.
  5. turftammer

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    I tell clients a price of at least 2x what it would normally cost &maybe more. Then I will cut it with my tractor and bushhog and remove the debris & cut with my ztr then walk the property and give them a price on what it will be weekly. also on the tall grass issue I tell my clients that Iwill mow weekly or they will have to find someone else,because I've had those customer in the past that want it done every 10 days &the taller the grass the harder it is on my equipment& and the harder it is to make it a professional looking job,so no more
  6. Trevors Lawn Care

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    i have a lady i bid at $20 bucks (my min.) and she calls the next day says "this company gave me a quote of $16 so they will be doing it from now on." I said heres my bus. card call me when he quits (actually said it)..
    GUESS WHAT.. She calls, not even a month later, and says he only cut once, and hasnt come back since... Can you come cut it from now on, i believe your quote was $20, I will be going out of town tomorrow, so i will leave the $ in the BBQ"


    I get another call today from her, says i will look at it and give her a quote to cut it the first time, and then the weekly price will be $25.

    I think i will bid it at...oh say $50-60


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