Pet Waste Removal - Want to mow!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TheScoopGroup, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. crossthreaded

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    have you been able to get any municipal contracts or anything like that or mainly concentrated on cave spring and other hoity toity neighborhoods?
  2. TheScoopGroup

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    haven't even tried - you mean dog parks and things of that nature?
  3. crossthreaded

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    anything, the paths down at green ridge park, the new riverwalk complex, apartment buildings, anywhere people walk their dogs. Although with the idiots in charge of Roanoke I'm not sure what success you might have.

    I would also check with richfield since they have all those geese down there.

    I'll expect 15% of all gross receipts from these tips :)

    if you know of anyone that needs their lawn mowed I'll give you a finders fee.
  4. TheScoopGroup

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    As I with your referrals (hope you saw my referral program on my website) but thanks for the tips, I may just have to give them a try. :)
  5. sdk1959

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    Our standard lawn service includes pet waste removal on lawn areas. It has gotten us some dog owner customers and a extra $5-$10 per cut.

    Your gonna step in or run over the poop anyway cutting the lawn you might as well get paid extra $$ to pick it up.

    You don't need $20K in commercial mowing equipment to start in this business.

    You already own a pushmower, you just need a decent gas blower, and gas trimmer. This will get you started till you can afford to trade up to some good used commercial equipment. It's most important to get the accounts first, THEN the better commercial equipment. Craigs list has plenty of good used commercial equipment in the early fall from pie-in-the-sky dreamers who foolishly ran out and bought commercial grade equipment before they built up a customer base.

    Get basic liability insurance from a company that offers rates for owner operators, not a one size fits all policy that will cost you a bundle. Figure on paying anywhere from $250.00 to $600 a year for a owner operator policy.

    I would start with your pooper scooper customers first to see if they want lawn service.

    Good luck in the 2010 season! :cool2:
  6. lawnkingforever

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    You don't need 15K-20K to start a lawn business. Liability insurance is only about $500 and setting up a DBA on legalzoom is only a couple of hundred dollars. A residential pushmower is OK to start with and a cheap blower. Just make sure you buy a good trimmer from the start. The rest you can upgrade as your bankroll grows. Your current customers would be good candidates for your lawn business, if their current LCO is not doing a good job for them. I say try it, you are already out there driving around, why not throw a couple of mowers on a trailer and mow their lawns also. I say you have a better chance of making it than some of these other guys starting out, because you already have an established business that is making money. Even if it takes awhile to get the mowing established, you can ride it out with money you are already making. What interests me the most about your current business, is the low overhead you must have. With that being said, give us an update after you start the mowing business.
  7. TheScoopGroup

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    Thanks for all the input and advice! I am going to do some research and figure out what I can do to get started the right way. I may even try to help some of my "solo" lawn care buddies without pay just to pick up some tricks of the trade. It's almost May now and I don't want to finance the stuff needed including a trailer which I don't have yet so I am going to use 2010 as a learning year/gathering equipment needed year and focus on marketing myself at the first of next year.

    Usually I just jump in the water without thinking but this time I think I'll sit on the edge until I have it figured out. The overhead is minimal in my scooping biz and the difference in overhead here could be enough to put me in financial ruins if I get in over my head too quickly. :usflag:
  8. sdk1959

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    You have the right idea, let cooler heads prevail. When you do decide to start you can do business under your own name at first before going to the expense of setting up a LLC- Limited Liability Company. Get liability insurance though. If your target market is good and your able to get good lawn care accounts then down the road you can set up a LLC, and get commercial equipment.

    Wait till the early fall to get the best deals, try Craigs list, ebay and your local paper. There are a lot of stubborn knucklehead newbies that will run out and buy new commercial equipment on credit right from the get go with few or no accounts only to unload the mowers at a huge loss out of desperation, usually at the end of the season. Can't tell them anything different, they know it all, but that just makes for some great deals on used equipment for the rest of us. :cool2:

    There are not a lot of businesses you can ease into to test the waters before making major financial commitments:dizzy: but lawn care is one of them.

    Good Luck!
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  9. REASON18

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    What do you charge to do pet waste removal?
  10. TheScoopGroup

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    It's all on my site - but in general it's just $10 for one dog and $3 for each additional dog for a once a week cleaning.

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