Peterbilt 335

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by superdigger, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. superdigger

    superdigger LawnSite Member
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    Looking for a truck to pull a 30' tandem trailer with a almost 20,000lb excavator. Found a peterbilt 335 with a cummins isc260hp, and 4.88 rear. Thoughts on this setup? Underpowered? Would also like to be able to put 6 ton of material in the truck box while towing as well, would not be done all the time just once in while.
  2. superdigger

    superdigger LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46

    GVWR is 33000 and trailer is is a 12ton PJ
  3. toomuchtime

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    Not sure on the Isc but I had a F650 with 4.88 and a 300Hp cat c7. it was a dog with 15k behind it. Not sure what area you live in but I would stay away from anything below 300 hp if your dealing with any hills.

    in my humble opnion with 6 tons of material on the truck and 20K behind you are asking for trouble in a truck with a gvw of 33k im assuming its a single axle truck.

    i guy I work with just bought a 2008 pete 335 tandem axle dump 55K gvw he tows roughly 20k behind it daily and is looking for a ankle brace because everywhere he gos the truck is floored beatiful truck but no power! it has the isc with a 8LL behind it.

    The pete 335 is a class 7 i would look for something a little beefier

    Good luck
  4. superdigger

    superdigger LawnSite Member
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    How would it be just pulling the trailer with nothing in the box? Is 4.88 to low of a gear? Any reviews on the motor itself? Thanks.
  5. Matteo30

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    I would not go any lower than a 300hp in that truck. You will defiantly be lugging up hills. Haven't herd many problems with the newer isc cummins

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