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  1. bcx400

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    I need to make a decision soon about a truck for spring, just under 26,000 lbs. gvwr. Anyone out there have any experience with the new Peterbilt 335 or Kenworth T300? These new models are in the medium-duty segment, available with gvwr under 26,000 lbs. I have already looked at GMC, Ford, and International.
  2. NNJLandman

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    My boss has a Peterbuilt 335 model, well acctually an older model hes had it for 2 or 3 years now and lets just say this rig is awesome. One of the best operational trucks ive seen. There is so much power in the truck its just great. He can tow around his John Deer 310, pallets of stone, all on his edger beaver 20 ton trailer with no problem, haul up to 10 tons of stone, topsoil, watever easily. Seems like a great truck to me. Good luck with a decision.

  3. Gravel Rat

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    If you are going to spec a T-300 or 335 Pete spec the truck for a 35,000lb gvw and derate it 26,000lbs so you guys can drive it with a regular license.

    The truck should have minimum 12,000lb Front and 21,000 or 23,000lb rear axles with heavy frame and springs. A truck speced with 26,000lb gvw is completely useless with a 8000lb front axle and a 17,000lb rear axle which is pretty much one step above a F-550 Ford.

    I have said it many times before but your stupid idiotic law that says you need a CDL to drive a truck over 26,000lbs has to be the dumbest you can get. It forces people to run a 26,000lb gvw truck so you essentially have a overloadsmobile which is more beeping dangerous than a person running a truck with a 35,000lb gvw. Come on if you can drive a F-550 you can drive a 5 ton truck with a 35,000lb gvw.

    Myself I would take a Kenworth or Pete over International and Freightliner I'am bias to Paccar trucks :laugh:

    The only problem with the Pete or KW 5 tons is the engine choices are not that great. The Cat is okay but its a expensive pig to repair the Heui fuel system is not that reliable. I wish Paccar would offer the 11L Cummins or if Cat offered the C9 the ISC Cummins isn't that great I guess its tolerable.

    This is where International shines they have the well proven 466 and the new 570 these engines are much better than the Cummins 5.9 and the 8.3 and more reliable than the C7. The only problem with International is they are kinda ugly we cal them here the International bug because the headlights look like bug eyes.

    Anyhow you can't go wrong with a Paccar truck sure it will cost you more money up front but will be worth it in the long run. Like they say there is more worth in a Kenworth.
  4. Lucky1

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    Why not just get a CDL? It's part of the business?
  5. BMFD92

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    i do sub-plowing for a guy and he has the kenworth model you were talking about and he has a plow on his for his private roads and man can the thing demolish snow and he does a material delivery service and has no problem dumping anything. Also in my fire department, our tanker truck is on a kenworth chassis and it is a beast.

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    I prefer Mack trucks over any other brand for the work we do. Sure, you can spec out a Pete or Kwamper to do a good job, but there ain't nothing like the whine of a Mack turbo pulling 80,000 lbs. For what ever reason, Mack has not taken off here as it has in the midwest and east.

    I completely agree with Gravet Rat on the CDL laws. It was intended to prevent truck drivers from obtaining multiple drivers licenses from different states. All it really does is adds a costly layer of legislation to the road users. I had a Class C license before the CDL idiocy and never had a problem with it. As usual, government "fixes" things b ecause of a very small portion of people abusing the driving priveledge.
  7. bcx400

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    Lucky1- I have a CDL, but not my employees. I know I could ( and probably will) have one or two get a CDL, and then when they quit in a year or two, I would be the only CDL driver in my company.

    I am kind of stuck in the decision as to whether to go over 26,000 gvwr or not. I probably shouldn't base the decision solely on the CDL issue, but is is a big factor. If I decide to go over 26k, I know I should look at mack.

    If I have to drive this new truck to the jobsite everyday, it is going to be a pain in the butt when I need to cut-out in the middle of the day to visit a client. I suppose I could let my guys drive my pickup (also my personal vehicle) but I have a problem with this. It probably shouldn't matter, but its bad enough cleaning up after my second set of children (my employees). You know- coffee cups, wrappers (no smoking in my trucks- why does it smell like cigs in here? and why are there foot prints on the dash?) Now I'm starting to get pissed off! Does anyone else notice how your employees drive the speed limit or less on the way to the job, And then on the way home, they drive like a bat-out-of-hell?
  8. Gravel Rat

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    Some people have the mentality well this isn't my truck lets drive and treat it like ****. When I drive company trucks I don't drive them hard ya its tempting to speed but its not worth it.

    As for Mack trucks they are good but they didn't make many R model single axles. You can order a Granite as a single axle I haven't seen one here yet there are tandem axle Granite dumps and mixers. They are a pretty nice looking truck haven't had the chance of looking in one or driving one yet.

    Most of the newer single axles running around this area are International Bugs and Freightliner Bus class and some of the newer Freightliner medium duties.

    When it comes to tandem axle trucks like dumps,lumber trucks its usually older Ford Louis 9000s, Western Star,Mack,Kenworth and International. When it comes to Logging trucks nothing but Kenworths the odd Western Star.

    If I was going to get a single axle I would build one out of a tandem by taking the tandem bogies out and bolt in a 23,000lb single axle. Doing this you will have better tranmission and engine choices especially if your looking at putting together a heavy single axle dump or a flatdeck with a hiab crane on it.

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    Pete man pete...
  10. GTLC

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    I can't say I've drove the Pete 330, but we have a Pete 330 straightjob with chrome wheels & Allison Automatic all decked out. From what I've experienced of it, it's a pretty sweet truck.

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