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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by PR Fect, Mar 27, 2013.

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    We need to get into annual plantings. What is the basics? Do you charge per flat? Is there a general rule on how much area a flat covers? Any and all help apreceaited. Dont want to start this line of the bussiness off on the wrong foot, and then end up makeing corrections for the next three seasons.
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    Petunias are pretty easy, so most of the time is spent on garden prep... generally you would want to plan on planting them closer together than the label states and put in 3 or 4 flats per hour...

    Where are these going???
  3. PR Fect

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    The customer has 300 lnft of planting bed 18" wide along a concreate walk. Lawn on other side. There are some perennials like spirea and lavender also in the bed. The grower said use up right petunias not the wave or spreading because of the narrow with. At 8" apart I think it should take about 8 flats. If I charged $30.00 a flat installed that would give us a little over three hours to install them at our labor rate. So that would be consistant with your numbers. Thanks, it sure helps to have a little reassurance that we are in the ball park on the bid.

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