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    What are you guys seeing on Magnum engines in the way of hours. My 07has 1,000 hours. It doesn't have the spacer kit either (my tech does a great job of cleaning it, obviously). I'm not a gambler and am wondering if it would be money well spent now, rather than in May, to swap it out. The "kit" from PG is $792 for the engine and gearbox and includes the spacer upgrade. I swapped out the transmission last year under warranty, as the axle seals went bad. With a new engine and gearbox I'd be almost starting fresh. I would add the original engine runs terrible. I replaced the carb. among other things last season. It runs rough, starts hard, etc... It's sure not a "typical" Honda from my experience. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Hard to believe you're giving this a second thought. It really doesn't matter how others did (though you got at least 500 hours more than average), if it's running like crap, why wouldn't you fix it now while you have the time? A friend of mine insists on running his PG until it dies and then ends up with a lot of lost production time when he can least afford it.
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    Mine are giving me about 400 hrs. Mine are also running rough. I replaced both carbs, still not good. One of Magnums needs a new tranny. Anybody know where are person can get one or parts besides Permagreen?
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    I just don't want to "waste" $800, but it would't be a waste if I avoid downtime. I just am wondering what the top end hours guys are getting before the crankcase rots out or something else goes bad. Thanks again.
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    Don't see how this could be a waste of money. Well, assuming you like the Magnum to begin with anyway. This isn't a question of if you need to replace the engine, it's a question of whether you want to do it at a time of your choosing or if you're going to let the engine decide when. I haven't had too many pieces of equipment that break down at a good time. You're on borrowed time at 500 hours, let alone 1000.
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    Thanks SC. Exactly the feedback I'm looking for.
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    Something to check is the Valve lash, especially on the "Intake" Valve. When it does not close fully, it puts a pulse of air in the air cleaner, and that messes up the Vacuum of the idle and main circut, so even a NEW carb would run bad if this was the case.

    A test is run the machine with the air filter off (no fert) and see if it smooths out.

    If yes, check Intake valve lash and if that is ok, then the Valve needs to be re-seated with lapping coumpound or replaced and lapped.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the tip Pete. I'll check it out. I actually just received my new engine today from PG. Went ahead and bit the bullet. I was ready to spring for a Z Spray, but my tech likes this machine (???), so a grand in parts to get it back in fighting shape isn't bad, I guess. I'll keep the old engine though just in case. I couldn't believe how clean the base of it was. It looked like new. I expected to be able to stick my finger through it. Oh well, I'll have a spare, that'll hopefully run better thanks to you.
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    As far as the transmission, John has that figured all out, now. he went through a couple of them, and was replacing the cases. They would rot right out. Of course, you probably know that he had one coated with Line-X, and it helped. well, the problem was, was that the axles would still start to corrode toward the ends - where the bearings are (unprotected area). I had just posted on this a few weeks ago, that the coating didn't help after all because of this situation with the ends. Well,..he now has that all taken care of...he has bought his last case for his transmissions. There is no way these cases will corrode at all anymore. I can't say here what he did (atleast not yet, anyway), because he asked me not to, but when you talk to him,...I'm sure he will tell you,..or better yet, just have to see it. he is rather proud of it, and it is WAY cool.
  10. MStine315

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    Sounds like he has a patent idea. I'm going to get intouch with him about the rack tom. or Fri. Thanks

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