PG Magnum. I ran tank dry, now spray is sporadic

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by UpNorth, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. UpNorth

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    I ran the spray tank empty. I know, your not supposed to do this, but none the less I did. However, the spray is now sporadic. It sprays fine for about 15 seconds then sprays very weak and only one side. If I shut it off for a while it seems to work fine , but only for the 15 seconds or so. I assume i got air in the system. I opened the drain valve on the bottom(below the shifter) ran the pump, and tried to "bleed" the system. It didn't really help. Maybe I didn't do it long enough to get all the air out. I also tried shutting the valves off and running the pump thinking this might fill the lines up with fluid. Everything else seems fine, the belt isn't slipping, none of the hoses are clogged, and when is does spray it seems to be too strong for the pump to be bad.

    Any advice would be great, I'm gonna play with it again tomorrow morning.

  2. somo1

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    Try cleaning out your tank filter and spray tip filters. If that doesn't work check to see if the belt for the pump is loose or slipping. Also check the linkage cable to the valve that opens the spray hose. Good luck
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    I would say when you ran it dry you sucked up some particles in the bottom of the tank. take off the nozzles and see if you get flow through the hoses, clean out the screens and check the strainer in the tank.
  4. UpNorth

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    Thanks for the help. But as I said, the belt is not slipping. The pump is tight. I also removed the spray tips and black assembly and cleaned both. I also ran it without them and it flows out of the hoses no problem. I also checked the screen in the tank itself, its perfectly clean.

    I can't figure it out. I think bleeding the system is the answer, I'll try that again tomorrow. I called PG today, but Dave had left for the day already. I talked the the woman(I cant remember her name). She was the one who re-iterated bleeding with the bottom valve, but to be sure call Dave tomorrow morning. If that works I must have to run it longer than I already did.

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