PG + more than enough spray now..WOW!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, May 7, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    I posted several times regarding poor weed spray covereage/control with our PG Ultras, but I figured this "new post" is warranted.

    What we did:

    We yanked out the original 1.0 gpm Shurflo pump >> put in a 3.0 gpm Shurflo.
    We installed the new pump in our "spot bottle" straps on the side of the hopper.

    We yanked out the PG plastic battery. We installed a 12 - volt "motorcycle" battery just behind the 3.0 Shurflow pump. We used an steel "electrical box" from Menards and added the needed rubber padding.

    We run in high gear at 10% higher RPM (speed) than what the unit was designed for (yes we tweaked it to run faster).
    Spray coverage on concrete = "solid wet" -- no dry spots in between.

    May 5 we tried this unit on lawns that were extremely weedy (including creeping Charlie, oxalis, speedwell, and other hard-to-kill weeds).

    May 7.........we returned to check them out >>> the weeds are "frying" as I type. WOW!

    We have not "bucket-checked" the gallons per minute yet, but we're mixing 4 ounces of herbicide per gallon of water in the eight-gallon tank.

    Our future plans are to buy up used PG units (save money) and "conform" them to our standards.

    We did not change the plumbing on this unit. It still has the "tee shutoff". We just will never use any lower nozzles.
  2. lawnservice

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    good for you guys

    me, personally i still have a problem with a machine ($5000) that needs tweeking

    when your ready for a slightly used unit give me a holler
  3. indyturf

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    Great!!! Sounds like you solved your weed problems!
    I just finished one of the Centri's I bought a couple weeks ago. I put in a Fimco 2gpm pump, had to mount it sideways under the tank but thought about mounting it on the hopper. re-plumbed the lower nozzles with 1 line from the pump and a T under the hood to each nozzle. I used the white tips and I'm getting about a 12 ft spray pattern! I have to say I think its sprays better than my Magnum! I'm spraying my neighbors lawn tomorrow I think I will try the 4oz per gallon and see how it works.
    I have to agree with you on buying used PG's and going through them and upgrading the spray system. I got 2 Centri's for $1600. ordered about $700 worth of parts and I'm doing the work myself, so I should have 2 working units for under $1200 each! I'm just afraid I'm going to like the Centri better than my Magnum when I'm all done!
  4. Shades of Green LService

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    So far i've had good weed control w/ my magnum. Had a 10K yard covered w/ chick. Sprayed, went back a week later and the stuff was just about on its way out. I'm happy w/my weed control w/ the far. Good job though on that. Sounds like a good idea for the older models.
  5. ampeg76

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    sounds good, many guys here are very resourceful, but i'm with lawnservice, why spend all that money on a unit that needs to be tweaked by you!

    the manufacturers are probably scanning this site and will update the unit based on their "beta testers":(
  6. Runner

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    As soon as you can, please take the sprayer with water and do a parking lot coverage test. I would be curious to know how much area it is now covering per tank. Obviously, it will be a little bit lower, but just how much, I would be very interested in.
    Right now, as the Ultras are rated at 34,000 sq. ft. per 8 gal. tank, we found that they actually cover closer to around 32 with border and overlap.
    In your case, being that it is spraying faster (even with the same nozzles), and then taking into consideration the higher R's that give you a faster ground speed that helps counter this higher spray rate, as I say, I would love to know some numbers on this and just how well it works out. Nice job, and I sure hope it gives you vast improvement on production.
  7. indyturf

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    I'm spraying a 50k lawn tomorrow with the new improved Centri! last year I sprayed it with the Magnum and it took 12 gal. so I should have a good idea on how much coverage we get with the larger pump. I also set my speed up a little, it seemed a bit slow when I got it last week. RPM was @ 2800, I increased it to 3200 and it seems to be running faster than the Magnum @ 3450. I think I may leave the Magnum home tomorrow and give the Centri a workout!
  8. LwnmwrMan22

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    Runner -

    I was getting your same sq ft totals (32k) with my Ultra as well. Now with the Magnum it's looking about 10% less than the 50k, or right around 45-46k / tank.
  9. garydale

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    Run the numbers. I think you will need to recalculate oz. per k etc.

    If weeds were "fried" (in 2 days)you maybe wasteing control product.

    Weed control needs to be systemic to get thorough control. "Fried" will get you top kill only. IMO

    Will the battery recharge with the larger pump?
  10. indyturf

    indyturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well I sprayed the 50k lawn with the Centri today with the new 2.1 gpm fimco, sprayed 15 gallons mixed @ 5oz per gallon. So the mix was pretty much right on the money. it didn't seem as fast as it did in the driveway at 3250! so I adjusted the rpm to 3450 and will up the mix to 6oz per gallon. then I spread fert and sprayed h2o on my 3 ac lawn. I still like the Magnum better but the Centri did seem a lot more stable on inclines.

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