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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jan 28, 2008.

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    It was a good one wasn't it Ted!
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    LOL... I didn't even realise that this was the topic that started that whole mess! The subject got lost in the sauce! Maybe a more dignified discussion is in order now? :laugh:

    But, using the Roundup Pro label, I have a hard time thinking that any spray concentration over 10% isn't a label violation. I am going to ask tomorrow night when I visit the DEC. I think I know what the answer will be. I know how I would answer it on my cert test though!
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    " Lost in the sauce" that's one way of putting it.:laugh:Yea definitely raised the roof!:laugh:

    I know what you are saying Whitey. That was my point with 3-way last week. You can take the label for it and the label for Trimec 992. Same% active ingredients. For all practical purposes, the same product. but the instructions do not read the same and if you take the 3-way instructions literally, you would think you better not be spraying it at low volume with a PG.I asked a state plant board rep at my state turfgrass seminar and he said it was ok. But you just watch. I'll get some young enforcement dude that'll want to jack me up for it one day...trying to make a name for himself.That's my luck:laugh:
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    LOL :laugh: you still got Wyant Erp out there as a DOA guy huh? Boy was that Rodney fired up last week or not? hehehe ........trouble maker!:laugh:
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    My face looked like this....:angry:

    But then after:drinkup:

    I was :clapping:

    No, just kidding but it did get ugly!

    I felt like RAMBO though....I didn't draw First Blood! :laugh:
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    I attended a panel discussion at the OTF conference where a question was brought-up about labeling pesticides for ride-on units. All of the panelist (including manufacturers and distributors) looked puzzled, as though they had never considered it. The other attendees immediately chimed in, siting that the ride-on are becoming more prevalent and are the way of the future. I think commercial demand will prompt ride-on specific labeling before long. Hopefully before their is a regulatory issue.
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    What was the thread titled? I have been busy w/ family, snow plowing, the flu, and I am an EMT on a call fire dept.
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    Permagreen and spraying.
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    I'm guessing the herbicide manufactures' require "complete coverage" for adequate results. So I see what you're saying. Example: Try spraying broadleaf herbicides on tall grass (like tall fescue or St. Augustine). The product better hit the target pest (weed) or guess ain't gunna work too well.

    No wonder many of us still use a spray gun and a hose. would be nice to not need spray equipment, but until ride-on units offer the same results, we will continue to see lawn care companies with spray tanks in their trucks.

    IMO you can't beat hand spraying regarding weed control and even application of fertilizer. ChemLawn Corp did a study on this back in the early eighties. They compared push spreaders using granular fert vs liquid. Liquid won hands down.:usflag:
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    I know I have more confidence in it as an applicator. As for me and my operation and the application of pre-emergence. We will continue to use a hose and a gun.

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