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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, Jun 26, 2008.

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    While applying, my Permagreen Ultra (with Briggs) just stopped. I added gas and installed a new spark plug--no help. Started with the rope, but would not respond to the throttle. Pushed it to the drive under a nice shade tree. Removed air cleaner. Turns out the medium size spring that connects the governer to the throttle rusted out and it popped out. I bent a new hook on the end and reinstalled--worked fine.

    Twenty minutes later ran faster than ever--faster yet--in fact it would not stop! Hit the kill switch. Removed air cleaner, and turned out now the governer linkage had popped out of its hole on the throttle, (hope I am describing it right). Is there a clip or retainer that holds the governor wire on the little plate on top of the throttle butterfly? I am holding it with a rubber band--for now.

    Anybody got pictures or diagrams of carb linkages? How many springs should I have? And where do they connect? I think my idle spring may have rusted away in the distant past.
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    Riggle. Near as I can tell by looking at mine and not taking it apart, there are 2 springs. The big one( What I would call idle return) then a small one that hooks in the same hole as the big one on one of the ends. It is a small spring 1/2 - 3/4 inch long. Looks about like the spring in a Chemlawn gun rebuild kit. Hope this helps.
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    that happened to me two yrs ago on my 2nd motor, on my PG--
    doesnt it suck, the rod falls out and its like hitting the nitrous!

    theres a little bushing piece in the butterfly plate that wears/rots
    and disappears- leaving a loose sloppy hole-( no 1 likes a loose sloppy hole)

    had to get a new carb and linkage springs to fix it properly
  4. teeca

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    good thing is the carb is only $45... my gov spring broke and i used the spring from my ball piont pen.. lol... i here the new spare parts kit for the PG is going to include silly putty, a pack of gum, and a McGivers book the repair of anything with what you have in your pocket!! (swiss army knife sold sepertly)
  5. RigglePLC

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    I talked to Billy at Permagreen. About my Ultra. I think he said for the throttle linkage there were four springs--three supplied by Briggs and the one big one supplied by Permagreen. New carb was $47. Springs-cheap.

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