pg triumph throttle


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Machine sat for 1 month during the summer i guess it is corroded up and now the throttle control does not work. Went to use it in sept and started it and engine took off. just now getting around to lookin at it. Cable is working freely and moves the throttle lever but engine does not speed up or slow down. Dont know what to do with this thing. i guess washing these things is not enough to prevent them rusting to this point


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Check that the screw holding the outer casing of the cable is tight. Lube and make certain that the wire causes the bell crank plate on the top of the carbureter to rotate so the throttle shaft moves freely. Check that the air vane governor and wire that reduces speed when excess occurs--is able to move freely. Any motorcycle shop can install a new throttle control. I dont have this machine--so take this with a grain of salt. LOL!


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check the spring on the throttle on the engine. I had the Magnum with the same engine and had that spring break then it was full throttle. the spring is very thin and breaks easy, especially with all the fert damage