PG Ultra= less material from right side....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by oOTurfmanoO, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. oOTurfmanoO

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    Last season the calibration was fine. This year I seem to be throwing less from the right side. I feel like I made every adjustment I could to improve the throw.

    ** Numerical dial on the right was adjusted
    ** Open/Close Lever on left of hopper was adjusted
    ** "Screw Slide" under hopper was adjusted

    After all of this I am still getting more material out the right side.
    I called PG and they said to increase the throw from the right side, adjust the left settings.
    I did this and have had no success. Any1 have and idedas/solutions?
  2. heritage

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    The weight as well as the size of the Prills (SGN) will have an effect on the pattern.

    Did you switch brands/products?

  3. americanlawn

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    Hi Dan -- nuther thing to try is to switch impellers. The Spyker impellers are identical to LESCO, except 2 of the 4 fins are slightly curved. You may want to order an impeller from Spyker & see if it helps. We had the same prob with a Spyker 220 electric spreader........once we began using a LESCO impleller (all 4 straight fins), the spread pattern was even.
  4. jbturf

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    all good replies,
    one other possibilty is the agitator

    make sure it is functioning properly and that it
    is aligned over all the 3 holes

    you can carefully bend it by hand into place,

    the agitator components can become worn over time,
    so much so - that the agitator itself wont even move
    with fert in hopper

    just an idea
  5. RigglePLC

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    Turfman, you are correct.

    In my experience, the Ultra will usually put out more fert to the left than to the right. The best fix is to use the screw slide adjustment on the right hole which controls the density of the left side pattern. Reduce the size of the right hole (as seen from the driver's position), using the slide and lock it with the screw knob. Keep moving it until the pattern evens out. Leave the left hole fully open.

    You may have to adjust the rate with the white main rate control knob on the right, as you will be putting down slightly less fert, after knob adjustment.

    When it is working right, the hopper should drain evenly with all three holes becoming visible at the same time, as the hopper becomes empty.

    Be sure the impeller is clean and free of residue. And check the inside and underside of the hopper for any buildup of fert.

    Humid weather and some types of fertilizer will change the pattern slightly, as fert will build up on the impeller.

    Just my opinion--I hope this works--let us know.
  6. RigglePLC

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    And...I just learned how to remove the starter motor from my Ultra with the Briggs engine. Not a bad job really, two bolts. Took it all apart, but I think the brushes are worn. Looking for a replacement end cap which includes brushes. New starters run about 90 dollars.
  7. oOTurfmanoO

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    Hey Pete:

    I did switch products this year but SGN is still realtively the same.
  8. oOTurfmanoO

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    Believe it or not, everything is clean. But what is/was not working properly was the open/close lever on the left of the hopper. Appearently the cable was stuck and when I tried to open or close it the exposed wire was bending vs. going in and out. Well, it bent and bent to the point where it broke! This was when I noticed it may be the problem. I cut the wire, oiled the high hell out of it and it seems to be fine now. Same thing happened in the beginning of '07 to me.
    Thanks for the help.
  9. heritage

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    OK. I see you fixed the cable too :)

    Note to self that even Similar SGN can have a different throw pattern because of Particle density.

    Just some more food for your thought. Some great guys helping you out on the board ;)

    Happy Spring!


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