PGP Ultra vs RB 5004

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jabbo, Jul 9, 2012.

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    It's time for a throwdown!!!!! :laugh: I am still up in the air about which of these two heads to use on my dad's new system. So in the next few days I'm going to do alittle experiment. Just want to find out which head has the BEST rain curtain and the best short and long distance watering. I have a few sprinklers I built back before I installed my system that consist of 3/4" pipe to form the base and the upright. I did alittle trial run today but did not have the catch cans and the wind was blowing. Now I know that this test should not be the only factor, but with all the talk lately about coverage I thought it would be kinda neat. So here is the deal. I will be hooking this to a normal garden hose thats hooked to a 3/4" faucet that goes back to my well. I am not opening the faucet all the way because that would be too much flow/pressure. Today I opened it a whole round and it looked about like my rotors do when they're watering. I am not considering flow or pressure, I'm just setting it up the same for both heads. I will set them to do a half circle and time them the same. I am going to space cans every so often to catch the water.. Any suggestions about this little amateur test appreciated...Just remember guys, this is nothing fancy and it just for fun!!! Will come back with updates and pics soon.

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    You need to record nozzle pressure. Further, if you don't set the catches in the same place or run the test an appropriate amount of time, or do the test in conditions that are identical (or close to), or analyze the results correctly, or set the sprinklers at the same height and location with the same nozzle flow, etc. Also you can't just simply compare catch amounts here ...... have fun.
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    Wew, you scared me...There for a minute I thought you were going to do as you normally do and tell me EXACTLY how to do this....:rolleyes:

    So just for you: I will be setting the catches in the same place, I will be testing them the EXACT same amount of time, I will be testing them in the exact conditions(wind speed, time of day, moon phase, same amount of beer I have consumed) :laugh:, I will place the sprinklers at the same height because they will be interchanged on the SAME sprinkler frame(you would know this if you would have read my post and took in the imformation instead of trying to figure out how you were going to belittle my "little amatuer" test), and finally I will be TRYING to use the same flow...And yes, against your better judgement, I will JUST COMPARE THE AMOUNT OF WATER!!!!! There, see how easy that was. And yes, I'm already having fun!!!!:cool2::cool2: So stay tuned.

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    Go ahead and create a large leak in the the wiper seal on the PGP so it more closely performs as it would in the field after about a month.
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    Sorry, no can do. I've got pgp's that have been running 4-5 years in my yard with no leaks....But I will keep that in mind.

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    I do more than a bit of tailgate testing myself and if i were performing this one i would install a liquid filled gauge in a tee just below the head.

    I may not be nozzle pressure but it is better than nothing.

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    Sounds fun to me
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    So how do you plan on compensating for different rotational speeds of the rotors? How about height of nozzle from the ground? I hope you are planning on normalizing your results so we might have some useful information instead of just some random junk data.
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  10. jabbo

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    I would think that they would even themselves out after a 30 min. run but I could be wrong. The 5004 does have a faster rotation and will not put down as much water(with the same gpm nozzles) as the pgp on one single pass. BUT, it will make more passes. So it should be close.

    The difference is going to be around 6-8 inches. Will not effect MY results that much!!!

    I would've thought with all your knowledge that the results of this test would be of little to no use to you because you already know exactly how they perform....:laugh:

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