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    I agree, I have systems that have lasted 20 years or more without a single replacement.
    But usually the homeowners screw with their landscaping every year. They add or change beds which screws up the whole design and break pipes in the process which enters debris into the system.
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    You made my point, regular service is always a must... specially down here: Your comment ought to be re-directed (see below).

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    "Regular homes don't merit checkups, if the system was quality work to begin with, and those that aren't can be upgraded to being reliable, or maybe just cut loose."

    There are plenty of "licensed" people but only few pros.
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    Rotor heads, at least the ones I've installed and encountered, have a track record of lasting through the season, once a system is opened in the springtime, and heads aren't being destroyed by landscapers on a constant basis. Replace the soil I work in with sand, and maybe some of that changes.

    As for systems lasting 20 years without a single head replacement, I would tend to call BS on that. Ten years, yeah, and I've installed them. But for double the life, you are getting into S-T-L territory.
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    What is S-T-L territory?

    My season is 365 days a year, what's yours?

    Hard to believe 10 years on an installation with NO problems... not saying it's not true, I don't think you are a BS artist. But 10 years with NO problems? You the man, you'd put me out of business!

    I have LCO's on the property about 3x per month for the growing season & 2 X per month for the slow growing season. Pest conrol guys and their dune buggies tearing up turf and everything else monthy. Utilities run enderground along the rear of the properties with exception of FPL & water & sewer in most cases. So we get their trucks on the properties as well.

    I'm not sure why I got caught up in all of this; it's different down here then in NY or IN. My repairs and contollers, valves & pump installations are excellent and I rarely have to go back & re-do them unless somebody else has fubared them.

    Different strokes.... etc.
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    STL is Safe-T-Lawn, who made the stainless-steel-topped ball-drive rotors that keep clicking along, over 30 years after they were manufactured (in Miami)

    10-year systems were not the norm, and they would have been something beyond the ordinary, like Toro Stream Rotors, and the heads all have swing joints. Electromechanical controllers, too.
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    STL- I'm not sure they make em like that anymore. Where they in-ground or on risers?
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    Just use what the old "metalheads" did:


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    Yea ... cause brass is always better. :rolleyes:

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    Common problems I have with PGPs... altough it's not the unit, its what happens to them. I think this is the area were we differ

    Ain't it great? Professionally installed and maintained by the installer until I took it over.

    He fubared the wiring at the pump montiring station too and shorted it out. Never cleaned the filters or checked the flow sensors & temperature sensors.

    Licensed? Yes... Pro? No!


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