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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by germann, Dec 13, 2003.

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    We test our lawns ph with one of those meters you stick in the ground. Apply lime-quicklime-as necessary. We have clay soil. I know many of you suggest soil tests, etc, but we have found most people are not really that interested. They want the standard 4 or 6 step program. If the ph is low, we lime. The lawns look good 99 % of the time. We are usually lucky if they want lime at all, much less a soil test.
    Any comments on your experience with this. I am suggesting that in some markets this is a much more practical, affordable solution.(residential Home values of $150-400k)
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    Hey, if it works for you - go for it.
    I prefer to address the soil conditions in a way that can only be done through soil testing/sampling by a lab.
    In addition, my clients usually expect (and always pay for) this course of action.
    Also, the market I serve is from about $80K to about $3M - both residential and commercial
  3. ph meter won.t tell which liming material to use and how much to apply?

    one of the factors in quality turf is proper soil chemistry!
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    Do the soil test-It will give you exactly what you need
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    before my customers are started the fert/weed control program they MUST get a soil test done.
  6. my clients have no choice, it's included in the price of my service!

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