phaser,fastcat,or mini Z?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Robin, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Robin

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    What would your first choice be and why. 42"mini z ,44" phaser, or 48" fastcat? All 3 within $100 of each other and financing the same. Distance to dealers are all about the same. I believe all 3 run the same zt2800 trans. In my case I don't think the difference in deck size is going to matter much. I have a 48" walk behind but would like to stop walking so much and really do not like the sulky or velke route. Any and all opinions are welcome.
  2. bigjeeping

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    I owned a phazer last year before selling it to a homeowner. If you've ever operated a full size Z, the phazer just feels way to flimsey. I would go from my lazer to the phazer and it was like getting out of a rolls royce and getting onto a horse. It cut well, but I wasn't happy with the hydros.. they didn't feel very responsive, and actually felt kinda weak. The ride quality is horrendous (spelling?).. you could seriously break your back on a bumpy lawn! I had a few things fall apart on me with less than 200 hrs on the machine! Belt would pop off 3x/day, but then they recalled that so problem was fixed. Parking break mechanism fell apart once, and the clutch/pulley that's connected to the engine fell apart once. All of this was fixed under warranty. All I have to compare the phazer to was my lazer HP... there's no comparsion.
  3. Quality Cuts PLS

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    I started last season with the Hustler Mini Z 42; sold it after a month or so.
    I had some issues with the mulch kit hitting the blades. The quality of cut was hit and miss. Had problems with the deck hanger linkage brackets bending and popping the link-shaft out. The brackets and linkage are made like the Mini Fastrack - not strong enough for day to day use. I purchased the Exmark Phazer 44. The quality of cut was night and day with the mulch kit - 3 blades vs. two, individual chambers instead of one. The deck mounting was stronger. Although the Phazer had a little smaller tire, and no canister filter, (which Kawasaki now has available), the quality of cut, and overall performance blew the Mini Z away. I used the Phazer for the rest of the season and a couple of weeks this season, I had zero problems or issues with the Phazer and would highly recommend it for someone needing a sub-compact ztr. I sold it last week and purchased the Phazer 34 for my gated properties, and the Lazer Z AS 52 for the others. This combo works great for my needs. Both of my dealers are the best in the area, but the machine speaks for itself. If you have any questions on either machine, ask away.
  4. Robin

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    Well I thought I might have gotten a few more responses, but anyway thanks for the replies. I think the 44 phaser is being phased out, but will start looking this week for one. I am also going to look at the bobcat 48 fastcat.
  5. Armadillolawncare

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    I think if you check the vendor forum you will find that the ExMark rep has said that they are not making the 44 Phazer anymore just the 32. He also gives the reasoning behind it.
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    Hey Prostreet I like the gravely Unfortunately there are no dealers close. What did it set you back?

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