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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpb, May 6, 2006.

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    I'm strongly leaning towards this machine. I can go either way--34 or 44. Any size issues I should factor in? For those Phazer 34" riders out there--how's the edging & close cut work--would the 44 be better for that given the deck to wheel size? Thanks.
  2. Lazer_Z

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    jpb,I have the 34" because I have gates and I personally think that the way the deck is mounted you get a small but decent trim edge.If you have no size restrictions go with the 44" and get more bang for your buck. Don't let the 19 HP scare you away, one of the guys at my dealer told me he has sold 17 44's so the 19 has more than enough grunt.

  3. Quality Cuts PLS

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    I know your looking at the Phazer, nice machine, but if you have a Hustler dealer close by, you might want to check out the new Mini Z 36/42. First off, with the current spring rebate, (700.00), you can get a 42/19 for 4799.00. It features larger caster tires, 13x5.00-6, larger rear tires, 20x10.0-10,
    19 hp Kawasaki KAI v-twin with canister filter, Hydro Gear ZT-2800 hydros, integrated parking brake, smoother controls, 7ga. deck with XR7 technology, highback seat with armrests, digital hourmeter, 6 gal fuel capacity, 8 mph forward, 6 mph reverse, 675 pounds, 18400 fpm, sealed spindles, 2 year warranty bumper to bumper, 3 years on spindles and caster fork bearings, lifetime on leading edge of the deck and the frame. I have ran Exmarks for 9 years and was going to purchase a Phazer, but after looking at the way it was built, the components and engine chosen, I was very disappointed. After checking out the Hustler Mini Z 42, I got more positive features for less money. I hated to switch brands and dealers, mine has been awesome; but the new dealer is closer to me, he was a former LCO, and can meet my needs also, so I took the plunge and jumped ship. So far so good, impressive machine and dealer.
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    Written like a true paid advertisement. Part of the reason that eXmark chose to go with an 18" tire on the small decked Phazer is to help lower the center of gravity. Putting larger tires on these smaller cut riding mowers is like jacking a child's wagon up and putting bicycle wheels on it and then complaining when the wagon tips over very easy and hurts your kid. The Phazer was designed to be a lighter, more stable and nice cutting machine.
  5. PWM

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    Tire size does not necessarily determine the CG. We have found there are two things that help stability: 1) Keep the weight as low as possible by having a low seat and engine height. If you think about a 200 lb operator and he is sitting 3 inches higher from one machine to the another it can have a significant impact on stability especially when the machine only weighs 500-600 lbs. This is another reason we also run vertical crank engines with direct drive to the deck. If you use a mule drive for example, the belt has to run under the engine which raises the engine (weight) up in the frame. Having a heavy deck also helps because it is only a few inches off the ground. The next time you compare machines check some of those items and see where the weight is located. 2) The wheel base of the drive tires. The wider the stance the more stable it is going to be on slopes.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Quality Cuts PLS

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    It's not an advertisement, JUST FACT. Most statements on this forum have to be taken with a grain of salt, because unfortunately most people do not know what they are talking about, and just throw out unfounded opinions. While this is my opinion, it is after doing research, on paper and physically that I came to this educated decision and can recommend the Hustler over the Exmark. The larger tires do not jack the mower up - it helps by having wider tires for less ground pressure. There are no handling issues, it is no different than Hustlers Mini Fastrak with 18 inch tires. It was a tough decision not to buy another Exmark, but the fact is in this application, the Hustler IS more machine for the money. I only go into that much detail to help people make an INFORMED decision, I only recommend products that i have used, and are familiar with. Check out the specs, and the mowers in person, arrange for a demo; then YOU can see for yourself which mower is better equipped to do the job. If your going to make snide comments, be ready to back them up.
  7. aw20536

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    Ok since you have done so much research here are a few questions comparing the twe. If the hustler and the exmark are using the exact same transmission, and the engine is mounted above the transmissions, and the hustler is using larger tires, doesn't that essentially raise the engine which adversely affects the cg? Also, what is the difference in the seat height? And what is the difference in the weight of the two machines? I would bet that the weight of the deck is approximately the same +/- 10lbs and they are located at the same hieght with respect to each other so the effect on the cg would be the same. As of right now, I don't see what makes the hustler a better mower.
  8. Quality Cuts PLS

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    I have already stated the obvious in previous posts. Check the specs, check out the machines in person, do a demo; you will be able to see why the Hustler is the better choice. If you want to argue for arguments sake - oh well.
  9. Quality Cuts PLS

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    To reiterate, I am not knocking the Phazer, it is a great machine, I was going to buy one, having used Exmark products for the last nine years. But, if you thoroughly look at both machines you get more for the money with the Hustler Mini Z 42. It is the better value, has better components, and better construction than the Phazer 44.
  10. aw20536

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    I'm not trying to argue just asking some questions. When I am making my decision to purchase I would like to have specifics not generalizations like "Its is the better value, has better components, and better construction". What are the better components and how is it constructed better? I have looked at both and personally I don't see the "better components".

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