Phazer 34 or Quick 32?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RocketLab, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Before I get to my question let me introduce myself. New to the industry and been in business for about 2 months. I am a casualty of the mortgage crisis having been laid off at the beginning of summer after 6 years with that bank. (so if you have any mortgage questions just ask). I was also getting tired and bored sitting in cubicle he!! and this gave me the impetus to get going to work for myself.

    Just turned 50 but in pretty good shape having rode motpcross up until 48 when I augered my self into the ground. I also belong to the South Texas Olds Club for classic Oldsmobiles. gotta love old musclecars!

    My business plan is residential gathering as many customers in a tight area as fast as I can. Have about 20 regulars so far and a website. Would like to pick us a HOA for 2009 as well.

    Now to my question,
    Have an opportunity (if still available) to buy a low hour Phazer with no accessories or for the same amount roughly, a new (with warranty)Quick 32 with mulching kit, sulky and aluminum bag. (Both around $3k) I have been mowing with a used commercal Toro 22" but need to get more efficient and expend less energy. Most of my homes in San Antonio, are fenced with gate openings as narrow as 32".

    I plan to stay solo until I reach enough customers to warrant hiring a helper.

    Which would you recommend and why? Oh ,also the Phazer would mean a trailer expense ($100-$1500)also whereas he Quick would allow me to continue working out of my 04 F150 with 6.5' bed.
  2. stevenf

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    Sound like the Quick is the better deal hands down. Just the warranty and it being brand new would be enough for me, but you also get mulch kit, sulky, and bagger?!?!?!?........
  3. KCfireman

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    i thought this was S man again!!!!!!!:laugh::laugh: Just messin with ya' scott.:) I would definetely check out that Quick 32. Very inexpensive and very realiable. Easy to maintain and they cut great!! And they also save you A LOT of space. That phazer is a waste of money IMO. Dont spend 5K on a 34" mower.:hammerhead::hammerhead:
  4. RocketLab

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    Thanks for the responses but KCFireman would your advice be any different on the Phazer knowing its used (103 hours) for $3,000. So both would be around the same cost?

    but as StevenF pointed out I gon't get the mulching kit on the Phazer, need to price that out.
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have heard that when the phazers first came out had a few quality issues but now have them worked out. Also heard nothing but good about the quick mowers. However, I am 49 years old and I do NOT want to stand or walk anymore than I have to. I'm affraid if that phazer checked out good that would be my choice hands down. Now if I was 21 again.....
  6. lawnman_scott

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    this is an easy one. Would you rather have a walkbehind that has a single hydro that you have to kind of force to go around corners or a rider? Alot of people will tell you how much of a waste the small riders are, but I am guessing that your area has alot of older houses with the chain link fences. The 34 will fit through all of them, and you will be amazed at how much time it saves. Think ahead to the day when you have a full schedule and are working 10-14 hours a day. It gets to 100,108,115..... there in summer doesnt it? Have to do alot of hedge trimming at a big lawn? You can walk around with a garbage can to pick it up or you cna ride around with it on the phazer. The posatives are endless. The little trailers they sell at lowes or hd can be put on the back of it. This is what we use to do mulch or sod in a backyard or a place we cant get the truck. I could go on for hours. The bottom line is that the phazer is brand new for those hours. Just post a thread with a pole and ask people how many warranty items they have had on their mowers. Do you really think the company would even offer a warranty if they actually thought it would break in that time? Its for peeac of mind.
  7. Happy Frog

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    I would go with the Quick 32 for a few reasons:

    - The 32 will increase your efficiency on all your yards (including the gated ones) without having to buy and drag a trailer all day.
    - The cut quality of the Quick mowers is incredible and this will help you get new customers as well as secure the ones you have (my new Quick Dually leaves a better looking cut than my Honda HRX 217).
    - If need be, you can fix the Quick by yourself, saving a great amount of time (get parts overnight and back in business the next day)
    - Once you are established and have the finances for it, you can easily buy the ZTR of your choice (Bad Boy, Bad Boy... :laugh:) and hire a helper which will take you to the next level of efficiency (one can mow with the ZTR while the other can edge, trim or mow the gated area with the Quick. The first to finish starts blowing, the second loads the equipment back to the trailer and make ready for next stop.
  8. Rhett

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    Those in favor of the quick must be all young guys. A single hydro will work you pretty good. I am 45 and would just as soon sit on the phaser all day
  9. Happy Frog

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    You have to keep all given recommendations in their context.
    I am older than you and I believe the Quick 32" would be a better choice for RocketLab... :hammerhead:
    I know that the Quick Dually was a better choice for me than a small ZTR and I would have loved to find a ZTR which could have done what the Quick will do for me.
  10. RocketLab

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    Excellent points, some I hadn't considered yet. Keep em coming!

    Chomping at the bit to pull the trigger today so I can be using one of them by the end of next week. The seller might make up my mind on the Phazer since I haven't heard back from him yet, it may be gone.

    Either way I go I'll be more efficient but don't want to make a mistake with limited funds.

    One other point, San Antonio is at the edge of the TX Hill Country with some sloped yards and inclines. Is one better that the other dealing with slight slopes?

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