Phil wants a hat.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southside, Jun 3, 2000.

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  1. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
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    Phil, how praytell,am I going to send you a<br>hat,when I don't know where you live.Are you<br>so famous that I should address it &quot;Phil<br>Nilson,America&quot; ? I offer to send one over<br>and you didn't respond,so tough **** smart<br>arse. <br>Probably have to send it to Disney Land.<p>Karl<br>
  2. Nilsson Associates

    Nilsson Associates LawnSite Member
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    Karl, thanks but I already got it. I assumed it was from you .. but the return address was from some guy in Jawja. <p>Inside the package was a note that read:<p>Dear Fill,<br>Here's the hat you wented. I hope it fitz okay. I'm sending it from Jawja, but it was made in Australia. Taanks for doin all you do to help green guys make money. I hope they apreciates it. Keep up all good work yur doin, someday you'll probly get a pullitserzs price ffor litteratterture or somthin like that.<br>Veery truule yurs,<br>Jawja<p>Word for word, that's how the note was done.<br>And thanks Jawja<p>P.S. Karl FYI ... if you'd had addressed it Phil Nilsson .. North America I still would have gotten it.<p>
  3. Administrator

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    There you guys go again wasting my bandwith and members time with off topic posts. I am going to close this discussion now.
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