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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by momtogrif, Jul 3, 2009.

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    I have a Bermuda lawn that has what I believe to be a bug problem. I found chinch bugs at one time and had it professionally sprayed about a week ago. After soaking the dead areas and looking for the bugs, I can't find them; not even the dead ones. I was wondering if I should be fertilizing or if I should be looking for grub worms of some type, too, before I start fertilizing or applying nitrogen? I've had the sod webworms once before so I'm hoping I don't have them again.

    By the way, I am usually meticulous about my yard and regularly de-thatch, aerate, fertilize, etc. For some reason, I always have a bug problem in June-July. I don't know if it's my watering schedule or what. Can someone please advise a proper watering schedule for Bermuda in Phoenix and as to what time of day is best. Currently, we are watering around 7 AM for 12 mins, 5 days a week. I get a lot of run off in the front yard and I'm thinking of spreading out my watering to 2x a morning within about an hour of eachother.

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    Its been a tough year for the Bermuda here. The winter Rye is just dying off. The cooler weather made the timing for merit to prevent grubs impossible. The Bermuda didn't take off until about a week ago.

    Be sure you are using a complete fertilizer not just Amonium Sulfate and Nitrate, I like to use 6-20-20 in the late spring to get the Bermuda toughened up. You need to get at least 20 minutes when you water I like 3 7 min cycles an hour apart in the early morning 3-5 AM , assuming you have spray heads not rotors. There are two products you can get at Home Depot Immunox for diseases and a Bayer product called Complete control for pests. These two will handle most typical turf problems here.

    That said healthy turf is the best defense. Compost topdress will do wonders for your lawn. Go over to Rovey farms an pick up a load of composted manure to give it a kick. They are at Northern and 75th ave or there about. Gypsum applications 2-3 times per summer. Or a fertilizer injector with a locally produced biological product. If you have the same problem in the same spot year after year you may have pearl scale. Be sure you don't overseed untill Oct and have the Rye dead by April 1st so The Bermuda has 6 solid months of growth to remain healthy.

    Or you can just hire me :usflag:
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    thank you for your reply!!! You know, the rye died off in late April and my Bermuda was looking great by late May and then it all went south in June! I did use a complete fertilizer in early May and then I put the nitro on my front yard in early June. I think my front yard is a Bob sod b/c it gets thicker and has a different growing pattern than my backyard.
    Yes, I have spray heads and I'll adjust the patterns this weekend. I don't think I have pearl scale b/c the problem is occurring in different parts of the lawn from last year. UGH, I completely forgot about gypsum. I have some in my shed, too!
    How often should I fertlize Bermuda? I was doing it about once every 4-6 weeks, is that adequate?

    PS: if I can't get this under control, I may have to give you a call!
    Does Rovey sell the compost in bags? I don't have a truck to haul it home. I could just pick up some at Home Depot.

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