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Erie, PA
What are your thoughts on phone book advertising? We spend around $1,000/month on phone book advertising. That also includes the internet sites that they have up. We advertise with talking phone book and verizon. Every time we try to cut the advertising down in the phone books they tell us that we have a package deal and if we cut down on the categories we advertise under the price will go up. The advertising costs are killing us though! How beneficial do you think the phone books are? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Phonebooks are tending more & more toward extinction while the internet is becoming more prevalent and user-friendly. 'Phonebooks ain't dead yet, though.'

Heck, I haven't had a land~line since the 90s.

But, they keep handing out FREE phonebooks anyways...which bolsters up circulation numbers for attracting advertisers.


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I'd say for a one time $1000 you could have a very nice website designed for you and then you can host it on a domain of your own for less than 10% of what you're spending every month now.

All kinds of "experts" are predicting that phone books won't even be printed anymore in 5 years or so. There will still be the online version but those can lead to your website which you can control the content of.


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Everyone has made great points. We have not been in the phone book for two years now, shoot I do not even have my name listed in there.
A business website is the way to go. One thing for sure is not dead(well in our case anyway)Flyer's.
It is a tough decision to make if you have been in the book for years and now looking for something new to bring in business.
Our company is thriving, even in this so called "Recession". I built a WordPress website on December 22nd, 2011(I build business websites also) and am in the process of building two right now.
A little promotion here a little promotion there...all ONLINE...
I always tell guys/gals you can do it yourself and if you need tips or direction..just give a holla..

Good Luck!
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Did you know that (around here anyway) starting last year you had to make a special request just to get a yellow page's book. And that book is half the size it was 10 year's ago. I woudn't advertise in the phone book. For landscaping it would be internet only. For 3k a year you could have a real nice web site.


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Up in these parts, the spring 2011 phonebook was the last mandatory delivery to all businesses and residences required by law.
If I (or anyone around here) wants the new publication next time, I have to call and request it. So yes, phonebooks are becoming a thing of the past. Advertising salespeople know this, and are training ever so harder to retain customers in a dying business model.


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I dumped the phone book 3 years ago...I didn't see a bit of decrease in business. I still get people saying they saw me in the phone book.

I actually dropped the talking phone book almost 6 years ago. AT&T 3 years.