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    Last night at 11:00 pm phone rings. It was a customer I had sprayed earlier that day. Customer "x" says he has been out in the yard running his hand all over the lawn trying to smell the chemical I had sprayed. X say's I cant smell anything on my hand and would like to know exactly what you sprayed on my lawn. I use dye in my first round so it was obvious that I had been there. I told him exactly what I had sprayed. He said well if you sprayed then I should be able to smell it. I stewed on it for a while and decided to take his check back to him and drop him as a customer. Then in 2 weeks go back and say wow that water I sprayed with no chemical sure killed all your weeds. Wife says no way, you have never had a complaint, not one. Keep the payment and just go on as usual. This really pizzes me off. In fact I missed church last night just to do his yard. I was done for the day empty tanks heading home and he has called three times today asking when I was going to spray. I went home refilled and went back out at 5:30 just to get him off my back. You go above and beyond to keep people happy and this happens. To top it off when I pulled up he was getting a estimate from another lawn company.
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    What a joke, I don't know why people are like that, what a disgrace. Sorry to hear about that man, you can't please everyone. SOme people are like that and you just can't change them.

    I wonder what he thought we he saw all the weeds dead in his yard :hammerhead::hammerhead::hammerhead::hammerhead:.

    What an azzhole.
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    Sounds like a good one to drop. I hate those type!! ACK!!!
    I especially love the one that complained that there were no granules on the driveway after we did a liquid application!!
    "Here's Your Sign"!!
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    First, I would have asked him, "Why would I just spray water. What good would that do? Your lawn wouldn't turn green and your weeds wouldn't die. You would know this in 10-14 days and would drop me. That would be real stupid on my part. Just because you called, I will stop back in 2 weeks, free of charge, to make sure your lawn looks great. Would that be ok with you?" Then the truth would come out.

    I would just brush it off, cash the check and move on. You just can't please all the people all of the time no matter how hard you try. Sounds like this guy is just looking for an excuse to drop you. I HATE liers and refuse to work for them anyway. I smell one here.
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    Sounds like another customer for TGCL!!
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    Next time tell him ya gotta eat it to tell. Just kidding. Wonder if he felt a liitle sick the next day
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    Or WAS. Maybe the guy got burned from them all ready and now he's just being gun shy?
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    Spray his yard with Malathion next time and the neighborhood will smell it.

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    Some people are mad that it smells too much......Some think it should smell stronger than it does-WTF??:hammerhead:
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    how does 2 X trimec or three way treat the grass???? ROFL what a JA................

    new ans. mac. mess.....
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