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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wrtenterprises, Mar 14, 2002.

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    So far, the Spring 2002 season has been great for new work!! The grass is still a few weeks from cutting here in Central Pa, but the mulch is floating and the fertilizer is slingin'!! I have signed (3) new mulch projects this week, and one is 35 yards, alot for a solo guy, and the rest are the nice 6-10 yard jobs. It seems people are fed up with TruGreen's program, and I am finding it easy to beat there price and still not compromise my bottom line!! I'm pushing aeration after the dry 2001 season, and have a few new properties bagged.

    The economy here in State College seems to un-effected by the recent economic woes. All of my regular customers are still with me, and are adding work daily.

    I'm hesitant to get too optimistic, but things are great after such a dismal Winter season. All we need now is some good soaking rain, and we all will be in the money....

    Good luck to all
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    Economy seems to be ok so far here in North Jersey, already have about $100,000 in hardscapes booked.. hopefully we can just get rid of this stupid drought.....
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    The work is out there if you want it. Ya just gotta know where to look for the GOOD jobs.
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    hoss, don't you ever work?

    :):) :D
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    We've gotten 22 calls so far.

    Landed two lawn renovations.
    1 large clean-up
    1 mulch and clean-up
    1 small hedge removal job
    4 full service lawn customers
    1 strictly grass cutting account right near our home.
    1 strictly fert. program
    and waiting for a call back on 3 full service bids.
    The rest of the calls, we didn't land the job or else they were tire kickers.

    This in addition to our regular accounts.

    Matt starts work next week to get some of the bigger jobs complete. I join him the following week.
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    Work? This isn't work, I enjoy it too much. I get paid to play with equipment.:blob4:

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