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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Groundcover Solutions, Mar 1, 2001.

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    I have just found out that my phone line for my business was down. This is very bad seeing that i just put out 2,000 flyers and no one could reach my business I have not clue what i am going to do!!!! by the way the phone line is on my nextel i have two lines on it and i do not answer my second line i let the voice mail get it so when one of my freinds tried to make a funny call to my second line it did not work. I call nextel and it is working now but who nows how much business i have lost!!
  2. Samething happens to me during a storm. I use Mike, the canadian version of nextell. They were suposed to cancel another phone number. I got a credit but i loose some job that day. I took me 6hrs to realize that my line was out of service. I was very unhappy for they error.

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    I once had neighbors tree take down all phone lines and power. Power Co. had it restored within hours. Phone company took two days! Did I get a credit? NO! Did I lose potential business? Always happens when you have just paid for an expensive ad.
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    You should really have a landline and use the wireless to supplement the land line.

    When I signed up for cellular one of the things in the fine print disclaimer was to not depend on the wireless phone for your sole communication needs. Good advice, even if its from the phone co.

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