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    i have looked into the direct mail option and have gotten many prices.
    on the post card route make sure u check that the price includes all printing, mailing list and other cost they hide in the fine print
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    Yes, .35 cents is for everything. That is from post card warehouse with a custom design. And that is .72% response, notice the decimal point. That means a close of .35% on total pieces mailed. Again, notice the decimal. Seems low, but I have had three seperate marketing companies tell me that is the average. I was planning on mailing to the same addresses twice, so 5000 total homes.

    That is $120 per customer! From what I have seen in my research, telemarketing closes average $75 each and direct mail closes average $110 each. Again just averages but that seems high.
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    yeh it was high,but it was new operation in a different market. BTW that company got up to 5k customers in 4 year before Trugreed boought them out.
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    Scott , you seem like your doing your homework, I think you will do fine, just remember your most important numbes will be your cancel rate, The big boys are over 40% You gotta do good work to keep them from switching.
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    Hi Scott,

    Here is a quote made by Magland from this post telemarketing.

    "We have the last 2 springs, and it does work pretty well. We have a company call to generate lawn estimates. They help qualify the leads to see how interested potential customers are in mowing or fertilizing. That saves a lot of time and money on our end for not doing a bunch of worthless estimates.

    It does cost quite a bit. First you have to buy a name list, and that can be .05 per name, so 20,000 names would be $1000. Then the company charges so much per hour to call the names, like $20-$30 per hour.

    It generates a lot of good estimates. Since all of these people were cold called, we offered special deals to help increase interest and sales. From what we have seen, you break even on the new customers in the first year. Meaning what we spent on the cold calling, we got back by the end of the season. So, the second year is your money maker on them. The key is keeping them around awhile to make it worth all your time and effort."
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    Hey guys, I am glad I saw this post. I am currently in the process of decididing whether we will use post cards, doorhangers, or telemarketing. We have done a small amount of telemarketing in the past, and it wokred well for us. The problem is we are a full service firm that services high end residentials, and I am afraid of becoming associated with telemarketing and being a nuisance. If I were strictly lawn care I wouldnt mind, but it is a tough decision for me. I bought a program in office max a few years ago that could give me names addresses phone #s etc. The problem is that I feel these #s are now outdated. Where can I get a new program with updated #s and what would it cost me. Also, I saw some questions about the DO NOT CALL list. You can go to the do not call web site, and download the #s that are on the list for your area. It is free, but you do have to register for the download.
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    Telemarketing does work well as long as you're managing it with whoever is doing the calling, otherwise there can be alot of waste. Now that the do-not-call list IS in effect nationwide it's important that you DO NOT call someone who has put their name on that list, nearly 75% of homeowners are now on it! call one, you could end up with a fine near $5,000 for each violation. So much for the free enterprise system, soon big brother will have all our freedoms we enjoy bottled like the chinese government doe to its poeple do. Just some food for thought! Just imagine how many people have lost a job to the do-not-call list.

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