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    I think this is a smart idea. I run only a business cell phone, basically because no one calls me outside of work. I put it on vibrate or off after 6 PM becuase of what someone said about late calls, people calling me at 9 at night and one guy even called me at 1 AM to buy a truck we had for sale.
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    It's possible that some cell phone services still offer 2 lines to 1 portable phone. That way you can have a separate business number and block calls if you're on vacation or whatever but still have use of your personal line.

    I probably would have gone that route if I hadn't sold my business. And I still might go that route if I decide to stay at my job for a while because I have a lot of work contacts that I would like to be able to block at certain times.
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    You will like Siri. A lot.

    Get a Lifeproof case for your phone.
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    My business line goes to a second cell phone. It would be more convenient to have only one number/phone but I like being able to separate myself from he business when I'm not working, so the business phone is turned off by 5:00pm. I very often have customers calling me at 8:00 or 10:00 pm, they don't expect me to answer but they call because it is a convenient time for them and they know they can leave a message. I have even had people leave me voice mails at 5:00 am on Sundays because it was convenient for them. My girlfriend would be pi***d if the phone woke her up a 5:00am. If I was using my personal phone I would also be afraid of a potential client calling when I'm out having a few to many drinks. I don't want to answer the phone slurring when someone calls to leave a message about a $50k install.
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    i second that...lifeproof cases are f'ing awesome...they are waterproof, perfect for's pretty crazy, it actually works like it's supposed business partner saw a guy put his iphone with the lifeproof case in his beer one night at the bar to show how waterproof it can even listen to music with it submerged
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    ha, very well said...
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    If you have an iphone or Android you can have the best of both worlds via Google Voice. I have my business line via Google Voice and I have it programmed to ring my personal phone. I can tell the difference between a business call and a personal call by the different ring tones. A Google Voice numbers also have their own text mgs service, voice mail. I can also call out on my Google Voice number thru the Google Voice app on my iphone and my biz number shows up on my customers caller id. You can also program your Google Voice number to go straight to voice mail after business hours and on weekends...............and most of all it is all FREE! to get a number and free calls and text messaging inside of the USA
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    Grasshopper has something similar. You pay a monthly price and you get a phone number and can set it up in a professional manner. For example:

    You can have a message and then
    Press 1 for Tom the Landscape Guy
    Press 2 for Jim the Irrigation Guy
    Press 3 for Cindy the Billing Lady

    You can also forward calls to your personal number, but they will show up on your caller ID as the Grasshopper # so you know when customers are calling. You can also turn the forwarding off after a certain time if say you want to "leave the office" at 5:00 PM or on weekends. You can also dial out using the Grasshopper # from your personal phone to make it seem like you're calling from the business line.

    It's perfect for business owners and people in the landscape industry where it's easier to have 2 numbers but 1 phone. I highly recommend it.
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    I have a Cassio Commando II, It's waterproof without needing to use a bulky case. I routinely do the bar trick to get free drinks. People usually see the phone and ask what kind it is because it looks different than most, when I tell them its water proof they never believe me. So I tell them if they buy me a draft I'll show them.
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    I've looked at those...I like them.

    I am one who hates my Iphone. I preferred my Blackberry.
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