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    I'm going to be a troublemaker but those ET controllers all over the place are starting to get on my nerves. I've decided they are nothing more than a dirty band-aid. Spent a lot of time talking to the moisture sensor folks and they can make a much stronger argument about real water conservation results. What difference does ET make? All that is important is what the moisture needs of the soil and plant are. I'm starting to see a better way than yanking perfectly good controllers and putting up an ET controller. Bring back the RC-7. give the customer a controller they can use and soil moisture readings.

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    I did Mike. I was surprised that he smiled when I said your name. hyuk Hyuk Seriously though really nice guy. Didn't mind spending time talking to me.
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    I agree that moisture meters make more sense in a perfect world but without having a separate sensor on every zone (and properly laid out for sun/shade, etc), how could it be as effective as ET? ET is not the silver bullet but I believe it puts us much closer in our goal of proper application rates.
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    I don't know what you guys are talking about. ET was a great movie. Damn little alien made me cry when we thought he was dying. :)
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    Dana , come on dont be rediculous. They are not talking about that movie. They are obviously talking about Extra large Tits
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    I already have a sensor for those..... :p
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    Humm , a moisture senser. Im liking that.
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    What's next, worms and plants with miniature cell phones?
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    Gofers with laptops(named ET, Eddie Torres, the extra testical) sending reports to update weather stations.......
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    Peter, I agree moisture sensors are more efficient than an ET controller.
    The biggest issue I face repeatedly is customers who attempt to program even a simple controller like a Hunter Pro-C and screw it up beyond belief. I can only imagine installing an ET controller and the call backs.
    A few of the controller I saw were quite intriguing as they are accessible via a portal for reprogramming while I'm in my office with out the cost for special software and a dedicated phone line.
    However, I foresee the same problems here too - Joe Tentpeg is in his office and starts bragging about his controller, calls up the portal and the next thing you know he's screaming because the damned thing doesn't work.
    There is something to the older electro-mechanical controllers for simplicity but all of my sites require multiple start times due to soil/site/water rationing and the RC-i's just can't cope.

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