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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by bridges, May 22, 2002.

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    Do you happen to have a photo of a blade you sharpen with 9000? Even one that has been sharpen a few times.

    How many times would you have to slide the blade across for it to be sharp. and do slide the blade back and forth or go one way?


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    I am sorry i did not get to this question earlier, we have been quite busy!

    Here you can find a picture of a STRAIGHT mower blade that has been sharpened by a MAGNA-MATIC sharpener. I understand your requested one from a MAG-9000, but the result in look and sharpness are the same for both the MAG-9000 and MAG-8000

    At this link click on the 3rd picture in the column of pictures on the left, this will open a new window, and blow up the size of the picture so you may better view it.

    The Number of times required to pass the mower blade against the grinding wheel in one of our sharpeners is going to be directly dependant on how much steel you need to remove. It is very difficult for me to give you such a number. This is also dependant on how hard you push the blade into the grinding wheel, of course there is a limit to how hard you can push, but some people push more lightly than others. This may effect the ## of passes as well.

    In the MAG-9000 or MAG-8000 with STRAIGHT FLAT conventional mower blades you slide the blade back and fourth against the grinding wheel.

    When doing mulching (curved) blades with the MAG-8000 you must start at the inside of the edge (not the tip) and pull towards you making one pass at a time. This allows you more control to sharpen the curves.

    For lawn care pros that maintain their blades well, sharpening and balancing twice a week or more (depending on volume of cutting) may only need 30 seconds to sharpen their blades with our sharpeners. If the blade is damaged very little it can drop below 30 seconds as well. We normally advertise the 60 seconds, because then we allow for servicing dealers who have to deal with home-owner blades that can be in VERY bad condition.

    Thank you, and again i apologize for not replying a little quicker, as i normally do.

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