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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Apr 21, 2012.

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    And also, we have moved tons of plants, boulders, sprinkler heads, bed edges, trimmed huge tree limbs, moved fences, installed gutters, and dug up sod and put in huge mulch rings, among a hundred other strange things just to put light fixtures where they need to be. I always ask. but many home owners don't want to do it, and sacrifice the effect. and thats ok too.
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    I have a few Kichler LEDs in my demo kit. I was running short on a demo last week and pulled one out to fill in thinking it would match the MR16 on the other side of the architecture. Wow, it looked almost purple/ blue compared to the halogen. The homeowner noticed it and was put off by it. I have been buying a lot of the Illumicare LEDs as of late but have not done a head to head test with halogen. Knowing James though, I am sure he got it pretty close and if everything is LED on a job, it shouldn't matter anyway. Nice pictures by the way too.
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    Thanks. I've done a lot of jobs using just the straight Kichler LED light fixtures. They come out looking really nice when that's all you're using. But they are a little different color, so you can't really mix them unless maybe you added lenses.

    With the new Amber Lenses though, you can bring the color to what you're used to. This job we did using all amber lenses.

    The pathway lights come out looking warmer automatically.
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    I actually think the Kichler color is getting worse, not better. They may have been the one of the first ones out there, but with all the new technology that has come out, either fixture or lamp, from a lot of other top notch manufacturers, they have some serious re-engineering to do IMHO. There is no way you can mix their LED with any halogen and not notice a huge difference. And just one side note, people do realize that using lenses is the manufacturers way of getting away with using less than top notch technology, right? If quality components are used with the proper drivers, phosperous coatings, filters, chip selection, etc., you don't need a lens to match 2700K.

    Scott Maloney
    Sunflower Landscapes
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    I'm not sure I agree with all that. First of all, I've seen some very nice photos by Bernie (BCG) where he mixed Kichler LED with other brands and I couldn't tell which ones were which. He even won some big awards from that job/photo.

    Also, I am not 100% sure I agree with the notion that we need to totally match up to the traditional color of halogens & incandescent. I think if you're fairly close it can still look very nice. I like the look that the Kichler lights put out. And if you want warmer, they make the lens to make it even warmer. But I don't typically use the lens. And it comes out pretty nice, just like they are. Here are a few photos of jobs we did using all Kichler (no lens). I thought they turned out pretty nice.


    Derhalli Lighting Ha.jpg

    Derhalli Lighting P.jpg

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    While I don't want to disparage competitors, the use of an amber lens to warm up a high-color temp LED is certainly not as efficient as selecting a warm color LED. Color filters absorb a considerable % of lumens, and any reflective surface (like a lens) takes at least 8% of the lumens.

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