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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I always love it when a client not only goes for the landscape lighting, but also takes my recommendation to do some architectural lighting as well. A few weeks ago we did an outdoor lighting job that involved some nice architectural lighting as well. I thought I'd share a few of the photos of the architectural lighting work with you all. We adjusted the light fixtures as much as we could to minimize hot spots. But I couldn't get the light to be perfectly balanced. Turned out pretty well, nonetheless, I thought.

    That last photo isn't the best. But it shows you an overall of the house and garage together.

    The main focus of these photos is the downlighting on the columns on the house entry and the columns on the garage. Here you go....





  2. Lite4

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    Looks good Jim. Nice work
  3. Mark B

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    That looks really good..
  4. Irrigation Contractor

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    Great job with fixture placement and design. Do you have any photos of how and where the fixtures were mounted?

    Did you pull the wire in the home / attic or use the gutters for your runs?
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    Unfortunately, no photos of how we ran the wire. I'll try to get some next time I am out there.

    But we hid it really well. One of the columns on the house had a void in it, so we were able to run one of the runs up that way. Then from there it was just tucked behind the facia board that the gutters are on. Even there, you can't hardly see it, because we tucked it up so far.

    On the corner of the garage, we ran it up behind the gutter down spout. Then up behind that same facia board that holds the gutter. Then continued like that to where each fixture was mounted.

    The fixtures were mounted carefully just underneath the roof overhang. That way, we could light up BOTH columns on the garage fairly evenly. Same with the columns on the house. We mounted those in that overhang as well, just so we could get far enough away to help get a more balanced spread of light.
  6. Irrigation Contractor

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    Looks really nice.

    We have the same design styles and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Most of your average installer will only place fixtures on the ground to get in and out quickly. Landscape lighting is part of a design, but the architectural aspect is what really makes a project complete.

    It is rewarding to drive into a neighborhood at night to see our projects compared to others. I have to admit, not many of our customers thank us for putting a bunch of trenches in their yard when we do irrigation. LOL

    So when we do lighting the customers reception is pretty cool.

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