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    >>Is it ok to add photos to a website that you find in a google or yahoo search?
    NOT without obtaining permission first!

    >>How do you know if the photo is copyrighted or not?
    If there is no © watermark on the image , contact the owner!
    If you find photos on the internet that you want to use, Always Ask Permission! Swiping copyrighted images is illegal and can lead to problems... such as being called a hack, and complete website removal. I LOVE the DMCA!

    >>I have photos on the internet of work I have done that I shown to others here on Lawnsite. Does that mean they are copyrighted by me just because I put them on the net?

    >>Whats the difference of finding a picture on search engine and using a stock photo?

    Stock Photos: Copyright owners sell usage fees and limited rights for use of their stock image property.

    Image Search/PicSearch/Google Search - ALL image search engines and directories are subject to copyright law.
    “The images identified by the Google Image Search service may be protected by copyrights. Although you can locate and access the images through our service, we cannot grant you any rights to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. Accordingly, if you would like to use any images you have found through our service, we advise you to contact the site owner to obtain the requisite permissions.”

    My favorite website...

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    look at the bottom of any professionaly done website where it shows who created it, and you will see something like

    © 2007 Southern Greenscapes. All Rights Reserved.

    That means if you take anything from that site, you are in violation of a copy right infringement.
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    Thanks. I have figured it out already.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to finally respond to the original post...

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