Photos i always intended to take but never did until now



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Backwards would be better, would end up blasting the brick with grass tho. Could always use a 20 for whatever was left but man I mowed that whole hill with a 20 for a long time. In August it was rough for me. I got a feel for what was possible and when to do it and when not. If you ever watched trials motorcycle riding my dad loves it and had me learn to ride kinda like that, although I wasn't nearly that good. However the same thinking kinda comes into play on anything I ride now. Study the machine and the terrain and know the limits to work within. Turning down the jobs is better, but I do enjoy knowing the limits of what's possible. Kinda like sport bikes and fast corners...don't ride them any more because to many unpredictable situations but it was alot of fun when I did...

I love the non pivoting sulky Bradley makes.

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