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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by apblue, May 19, 2006.

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    Never did mess with C++, I took a year of Pascal but that was 20-odd years ago thou I do fool with perl, which is similar in ways to php and I really think they're all very similar to each other except for the syntax.
    Personally, I prefer perl-based apps over php some because of the overhead, but php has a range of topical applications which perl is deeper or maybe some other thing, not sure but anyway no it's not exactly the same but I think if you master one programming language then you can handle most any of them, given time.

    Xhtml (with css and java) has been my web site code of choice, for the main reason that it is fed direct to the browser and there is no cpu overhead, the only time I use php / perl is for certain applications for which xhtml / java is inadequate or due to security issues / database apps, et al.
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    to make your life 10000000 times simpler, check out Joomla. It's an open source software program that lets you setup php/sql sites in minutes. Don't waste your time custom coding!! I've setup 2 sites using the software and I'm not a programmer. I have logins, cart functionality etc. Check it out...if you need help setting up a site, let me know.

    here are my sites.... (setup in 20 minutes)
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    CMS's are good but will never beat a completely custom site. I've experienced every single CMS from xoops, mambo, and now I'm stuck on e107. My other website uses e107 ( CMS's are easy to install, easy to use, but if you know how to code then you might as well code something yourself. If your looking for more CMS's check out
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    I use Etomite CMS with a custom template I designed for my site. I couldnt be without a CMS'd site and the flexibility they offer.
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    There is merit to what you say, anybody can build a site with these cms's, hence any site built with a cms is just one more of a hundred thousand look-alikes.

    As for me, I prefer to use mostly html due to less cpu overhead, at least up to the point where php is required, html pages link to php pages just dandy :)
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    apblue, we are in the finishing stages of development on our PHP MySql driven site. How close are you to completion and do you know how unique to our industry we are in this manner?

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