Physical Therapist to Lawn Guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Liendeni, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Liendeni

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    I've been watching and reading this site for some time now and have noticed two common themes :

    1) There are some really good guys on here who are very helpful and seem as though in their comments that they are trying to help us new guys out (Good things happen to good people and what comes around goes around).

    2) There are people on here who will try and put you down, rag on you, and try to make it sound like this is a bad time, it will never work, give matter what your question is.

    I use to be a Physical Therapist....very good money...and then started a second business unrelated to the medical field or the lawn industry.

    I have a lot of people laughing at me right now....even my own family for starting a lawn business.

    The point of this thread is "don't let others hold you back" you get out of life what you put into it. Its just that simple. This will actually be the third business I owed and none of them were easy. Everybody laughed at each and every one of them....until I started making money.

    I've learned a great deal from the good people on here who were kind enough to give some much needed "honest" insight....something money can not buy. them....THANK YOU! I owe you guys!
  2. Yater

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    I'll finish my master's in clinical psychology next december. I'd rather work in the sun than sit in a cube/office all day. If this thing doesn't work out, I'll have a backup plan.
  3. topsites

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    Then don't mind me for telling the truth, because it IS a bad time for getting in the business,
    and whether you find this helpful or not it is still the truth.

    Would you prefer I tell a lie?

    Because that comes back around my way too, you see?

    Now, whether my version of the truth is the same as yours that I can not say, but it is what I believe for myself to be the truth... And for the most part I always say it straight, with rare exception I do have a sense of humor but I try hard not to tell people stuff that will mess them up!

    Because I could do that, but then that comes back around as well...

    Now you think it's easy always being forthcoming with the advice?
    You see where I'm coming from, helping you hurts me in ways, too, I'm creating my own dang competition lol.
    But I still see it as the best option, versus say talking stupid when I know dang well the opposite is true.

    So I tell it like it is, and I practice what I preach.
    What this means is if what I tell you ends up hurting you, well maybe it doesn't fix your problem but you can at least rest assured that since I follow my own advice chances are pretty good that I messed myself up, too.

    Perfect I'm not, but I just do the best I can.
    And that's all you and I and anyone else can do.

    btw good luck

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