Pic of moles - ruining my recently renovate lawn.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. 1966vette

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    Pic of moles - ruining my recently renovate lawn.
    Check out these pics;
    I got frustrated today & I flooded three tunnels. The hose ran for 5 min before the tunnel was full but I did not see a single mole. Thus, these unwanted moles must be an extensive tunneling system ungrounded.
    I’m currently watering the area where the moles are to get the soil soft so I can roll it flat & than cut it short to identify the tunnels & replace the traps.
    A guy @ work told me to try antifreeze in the hole. I’m trying to grow a lawn not protect an engine from freezing.
    Another guy told me to try chewing gum.
    I tried the worms w/o much luck. You never know if you killed the dam thing & I still have the moles so I have to assume it did not work.
    I have (3) traps & plan to purchase (2) more to increase my change of kill these unwanted pests.
    Any help w/ be much appreciated!






  2. White Gardens

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    A six-pack, a lawn chair, and a shovel.

    Take a Sunday and sit and watch the hills. As soon as one moves, dig the sucker up.

    I've never tried Talprid, but some say it works.
  3. JD2320

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    Why do you have two traps five feet apart on the same trail?
  4. grassman177

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    damn, looks like pocket gophers more than moles, sure you after the right varmit

    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Try a shotgun! You will be aerating at the same time
  6. achezmn

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    I've had success with a product called mole max. I'm not sure why it works, it just does. I apply 2 times a year and it keeps them out of my yard. it usually costs around $15 a bag.

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