Pick up my new Toro z-Master


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Well i dmoed the dane, exmark, and the toro z-master. They all are great mowers, but i chose the toro, with the donaldson air filter, and hydro seat.Personally i thought the toro had the best cut, and that stamped deck is just fine with me, I don't plan on bush-hoging just cutting lawns. I going to keep my scag for backup,plus i have 2 walkbehinds also,I see no problem with the mule-belt system the older deers used them and my buddy didn't change out untill 1700hrs. Just wanted to let the guys i e=mailed about there danes my decision.<p>----------<br>Mark's Mowing Service<br>


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You will love the Toro Z. I have a Z255 and it does a great job. FYI, there is a striping kit available for the Toro. You may not need it but I had to try the striping kit and I'm glad that I did. I use the Toro on my own lawn and I even pick-up a new customer when they drove by asking how did I do that and would I consider doing thier lawn. &quot;Thanks Eric&quot; <p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>www.go-emerald.com

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