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Pick up the citrus..or cut it up!?!


LawnSite Gold Member
I have 2 yards with pear trees and this time of year the ground is covered with them. I turn them into pear sause. Did have one lady ask me to pick them up untill I gave her a price. She had enough to fill at least 4 five gallon buckets. Mowing them up was all of a sudden fine.:D


LawnSite Silver Member
largo, FL
I run over them as well, nothing like the fresh citrus scent and cleaning powers lol! Hit a small papaya the other day, now that was interesting, think I will be moving them outta the way next time lol.


LawnSite Silver Member
Cocoa Florida
chop them into bits. No one even asks, well they never ask again after I quote them $75 per hour for pick up and disposal in their yard waste can.


LawnSite Member
Jacksonville, FL
Run 'em over... Oranges do a great job of cleaning the deck... Which is good as the yard we do with the orange tree has a dog that needs to have it's diet changed. LOL